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May 20, 2019

The Director’s Welcome – Spring 2019

Springtime marks some of the busiest and most exciting times of our entire year for the HUB. The sun finally makes its appearance and so do election campaign signs. Yes it’s a cliché, but I’m always amazed at how time flies for our students. I feel like our current ASUW and GPSS students were just…

Bubba’s Bulletin – Spring 2019

Pure, unadulterated joy…with a twinge of sadness. The end of yet another school year is upon us and in just a matter of weeks, campus will be filled with students in cap and gown, with their families in tow. It’s a wonderful time of year because many of our student leaders (GPSS, ASUW, RSOs, student…

Alumni Spotlight: Chris Laws, GPSS 2001-04 Executive Senator

What was your most memorable UW class? The most memorable class I took at UW would have to be a graduate class on the stars of our galaxy back in 2000, taught by Suzanne Hawley (now serving as the Divisional Dean for Natural Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences) — it was a…

Student Spotlight: Catarina (Cat) Ratajczak, ASUW 2018-19 Student Food Coop Co-Manager

What is your position with the ASUW Student Food Coop (SFC) and what are some of your current responsibilities? My position with the ASUW SFC is a co-manager along with Emma D’Orazio. I currently work to create an environment on campus that promotes education about, and access to, sustainable, ethical, local food. This takes shape…

February 26, 2019

The Director’s Welcome – Winter 2019

There is no denying winter is here as UW was blanketed in snow for most of February. In fact, this is the most snow campus has seen since 1949, which also happens to be the year the HUB first opened (originally called the Associated Students Memorial Union). It is 70 years later and the main…

Bubba’s Bulletin – Winter 2019

Hey, y’all. Some people ask me how I am able to keep up with what’s happening in the lives of former students, and while I wish I could declare it is due to a brilliant and diligent mind, it really is aided by things like holiday cards, birth announcements and such. Thankfully, this is magnified…

Alumni Spotlight: Thom Gunn, ASUW 1968-69 President

What was your most memorable UW class? Well, I can’t single it out to one. I took all of the best classes, and zeroed in on all of the best instructors. One of the best classes I took was Modern English History with Giovanni Costigan. From my research, Dr. Costigan was the greatest history teacher…

HUB Student Spotlight: Kelsey Hood, GPSS 2018-19 Vice President of External Affairs

What are your goals as VP of External Affairs? My primary objective as Vice President of External Affairs is to make graduate and professional students a bigger part of the higher education conversations taking place on and off campus. I am extremely passionate about highlighting the importance of graduate education because we provide education to…

GPSS Resource Fair

On October 18, the Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS) partnered with Core Programs (Office of Graduate Student Affairs) to host UW’s first-ever GPSS Resource Fair. Held in the HUB Lyceum, the fair provided tabling services as well as refreshments, entertainment, and free swag for the 300 graduate and professional students who attended the event….

Humble Feast

On November 16, the ASUW Student Food Cooperative (SFC) celebrated its annual Fall Humble Feast in the University of Washington’s Intellectual House. This year, nearly 250 students and faculty dined together in support of affordable, locally-sourced, ethically produced food. Cooked and served entirely by ASUW SFC and student volunteers, the four-course meal consisted of butternut,…

HUB Highlight: Revolution & Evolution

In honor of the the Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity’s (OMA&D) 50th anniversary, the HUB is currently showcasing Revolution & Evolution, a historical exhibit reflecting the resilient voices and actions taken by the Black Student Union. In 1968, the OMA&D emerged as a direct result of a BSU sit-in that challenged the mistreatment of…

November 19, 2018

The Director’s Welcome – Fall 2018

Hello HUB alumni and friends, we have some exciting things to share in this Fall newsletter.  The first – a change, I’ll be writing the newsletter welcome note moving forward. I have big shoes to fill, but do not fret, Lincoln will still be sharing stories in his own “Bubba’s Bulletin.” As you will read…

Bubba’s Bulletin – Fall 2018

Let me start off by staying – I’m still here and not going anywhere. Yet, the time has come to initiate the transition of the HUB Alumni Network into the extremely capable hands of Justin Camputaro, the Director of the HUB, who has now been in his role for 2.5 years. He has fully embraced…

HUB Student Spotlight: Gabby Rivera, ASUW 2018-19 Director of Community Relations

1. What are your goals as Director of Community Relations? My role in ASUW allows me to collaborate with students from all over campus. I’m really fortunate that I get to help other student leaders put on effective programming and critically think about how they can advocate for their constituents. Within my term, I hope…

Alumni Spotlight: Cordell Carter, ASUW 1997-98 Vice President

1. What was your most memorable UW class? I had many at UW. However, one that stands out is Political Science 101, as we dissected “Lord of the Flies” as a metaphor for civilization. When I used to do labor negotiations, I would mentally categorize people Jack Merridew or Ralph to determine how to approach…

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HUB Games 8 Ball Tournament

HUB Games 8 Ball Tournament

Shaun King at the HUB

Shaun King at the HUB

POSTPONED: Casey Neistat

POSTPONED: Casey Neistat


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