Lincoln’s Log – Spring 2021

Rene Singleton and Lincoln Johnson

Behind the masks, so many feelings and things are happening — exhaustion, burnout, struggle, uncertainty, languishing, numb-bum-syndrome, adult acne, wallowing, fear, loss…the unknown.  Behind the masks, you might be feeling or have felt some of these emotions.  After 14 months of working remotely from my dining table, it is fair to say I have felt many of these descriptors. 

Let me join the chorus of students and colleagues who are counting down the days and weeks till we can return to campus.  Tim Egan wrote in a recent NYT opinion piece that we should come to realize that regaining our “social muscle memory” will require patience, grace, and generosity. I, for certain, know it will take some time and adjustments to gain my equilibrium once we return to campus in September.  How weird to realize by that time it will have been nearly 18 months away from campus and most importantly, the very reason why I’ve been passionate about my work — students and student leaders.

Yet behind the literal or proverbial masks, there is also much to treasure and appreciate — smiles, happy eyes, fortitude, generosity, resilience, care, hard work, pride, hope, light, and grace.  The departments with whom I work have demonstrated these and more.  My mind has been blown by their commitment and devotion to their work and the students they advise and mentor.  Has it been perfect and harmonious?  Not exactly.  However, they have responded with full hearts and minds.  They continue to inspire me. 

– L.Lincoln