A limited number of gaming consoles will be available, by reservation, to members of the UW community for Winter 2021, once COVID restrictions are lifted.  Please visit the FAQ’s page for more info.
Reserve your console now via the reservations form.

HUB Games has all sorts of gaming for everyone to enjoy. From traditional to conventional, HUB Games offers all levels of play including gaming tournaments. Get your Game On at HUB Games!

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Video Gaming Systems

HUB Games has a Console Arcade Room featuring Xbox and Nintendo Switch gaming systems and additional systems are located in the Pool Hall. HUB Games has several games to play or players may bring their own discs.

Video Game Rates

The HUB Console Arcade includes 10 gaming systems: X-Box One (6) and Nintendo Switch (4). Rates for the renting the entire HUB Arcade are per hour. Walk-ins are accommodated on a space available basis.

UW Students $3.50 Console | $30 Arcade $3.50 Console | $45 Arcade
UW Fac/Staff/Dept $4.50 Console | $40 Arcade $4.50 Console | $55 Arcade
General $6 Console | $50 Arcade $6 Console | $65 Arcade

Giant Games

  • Connect 4
  • Chess/Checkers
  • Jenga
  • Uno
  • Yahtzee
  • Playing Cards
  • Dominoes
  • Pass the Pigs
  • Kerplunk
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Snakes & Ladders
  • Chairs & Ladders
  • Twister
  • Spoons
  • Golf Putting Green

Giant Games Rates

UW Students $30/hour $40/hour
UW Fac/Staff/Dept $35/hour $45/hour
General $40/hour $50/hour

Board Games

  • Apples to Apples
  • Bananagrams
  • Candyland
  • Cards
  • Castle Panic
  • Checkers/Chess
  • Clue
  • Cranium
  • Dominare
  • Dominion
  • Dominos
  • Fluxx
  • Forbidden Island
  • Jenga
  • King of Tokyo
  • Lego
  • Life
  • Monopoly
  • Munchkin
  • Operation
  • Perudo
  • Scrabble
  • Settlers of Catan
  • Settlers of Catan (2-player travel edition)
  • Sorry
  • The Resistance
  • Ticket To Ride
  • Tsuro
  • Uno
  • Yahtzee

Board Game Check Out

UW students and staff may check out any of the board games by providing their Husky Card at the HUB Games counter. Board games are free and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Note: without written permission from HUB Games management board games must remain in the HUB.

Esports Arena & Gaming Lounge

The HUB Esports Arena & Gaming Lounge is a 1,000 square-foot full service gaming center with 39 high-end gaming computers supporting casual and competitive gaming. It serves as the nerve-center and nexus between student communities, business communities, and gaming culture, touching all corners of the University.

Reserve the Video or Giant Games

Submit an Availability Check (reservation request form) online using the link below.

HUB Games Availability Check

HUB Games Gallery

Updated: July 28, 2019