HUB Games Questions

How do Locker Rentals work?

Can I access my locker when the building is open?

Yes, locker access, and new rentals, are available under the following conditions. 


  • Times of Locker Access: HUB hours of operation
  • Times of new Locker Rentals/Renewals: HUB Games‘ hours of operation
  • Description of Pickup Process:
    • Expired Locker: If your locker is empty, or you no longer need the contents of your locker, please email with notification that we may cut your padlock and dispose of any contents.
    • Abandoned Locker?: Locker padlocks will be cut from lockers after expiration. Locker contents will be stored for 30 days and then discarded.
    • Note: Locker rentals are always restricted to UW Students, Staff and Faculty only (Husky Card ID required at time of rental)

Who are allowed to rent quarterly lockers from HUB Games?

Locker rentals are a service provided for UW Students, Staff and Faculty.  A current UW Husky Card will be required at time of rental.

Room Capacities at HUB Games

What is the capacity for the various spaces at HUB Games?

  • Entire Facility = Entire HUB Games: 350
  • Pool Hall: 200 | seated: 96
  • Party Room: 40 | seated: 29
  • Console Arcade: 25 comfortably
  • Bowling Alley: 125 | bowlers: 72 maximum
  • Esports Arena: 75 | computers: 39
  • Foyer: 34 seats + 2 benches
  • General Seating: 177 chairs/stools throughout entire HUB Games + 3 benches

Reservations at HUB Games

How do I use the Mazevo Event Book to see what activities are available to reserve on the day I want to make a reservation?


When you visit you will start at the Main Menu. To see what gaming activities or spaces are available at specific times select the Event Book. Choose HUB Games as the “Building” and then date you are interested in. Then browse the Event Book to see options for your reservation request. When you are ready to book select “Add New Request” from the Mazevo Main Menu.

Why would I reserve multiple activities for different times at HUB Games?

Many events reserve different activities at different times. For example, renting 4 lanes from 1-2pm, the Console Arcade from 2-3pm and the Party Room from 3-4pm. This is often done for small events/parties to keep the guests together while getting the most affordable event from HUB Games that also allows guests time to enjoy all the activities.

How do I reserve multiple activities for different times at HUB Games?

Reserving multiple activites at different times is possible using the Mazevo reservation system. Log into Mazevo and make a reservation for your first activity (for the time block you want). After you “Submit” your reservation Mazevo will show your list of events in Mazevo. Click on the title of the event you just created. A new option will appear allowing you to “Change Event.”  Select “Change Event” and then choose “Add Bookings to My Event” from the dropdown menu. You will then be able to add a new gaming activity to the event for the 2nd time block you desire. Repeat as necessary.

Rates & Payments

Are HUB Games hourly prices prorated?

Yes. All HUB Games prices are calculated to the minute, therefore, walk-in customers will only be charged for the amount of time they actually play.

What methods of payment are accepted?

HUB Games accepts cash, Husky Card (non-dining account), UW Cost Center worktags, checks, credit and debit cards. Reservations will pay for their event during their event with no advance deposit required.

Can a UW ProCard be used to pay for a HUB Games rental?

No. UW Fiscal Services prohibits payment by University ProCard for any campus services including HUB Games. UW departments and student government entities must use a UW Cost Center to pay for HUB Games reservations. Personal reservations may use debit or personal credit card.

How is pricing determined? Do I qualify for student, faculty/staff, or off-campus rates?

UW Student Pricing: Applies to any reservation, regardless of payment method, for gatherings meant only for UW students and student organizations and their members.

  • UW Students must be currently registered in classes
  • RSOs must be currently registered through SAO and listed in RSO Directory
  • ASUW/GPSS entities must work with their SAO adviser for reservations & payments

UW Staff/Faculty/Department Pricing: Applies to any reservation made by UW staff for official gatherings meant for their UW department and its staff/students, generally paid via a UW Cost Center Worktag.

Walk-Ins: Any walk-in using one lane, pool table, table tennis, or video game for themselves or a small group, regardless of payment method, will receive the pricing based on their status (student, staff, off-campus).

Parties/Events: Any party (birthday, bar/bat-mitzvah, alumni, reunion, anniversary, retirement, social/happy hour, etc.) or event that is not affiliated with a student group or UW department (as defined above), or which is clearly open to non-UW community members, will be charged general rates regardless of the status of the person making the reservation.

Is there an alumni discount?

Not currently. The UW Alumni Association offers many benefits to UWAA members but, unfortunately, HUB Games is not one of them. Please refer to UWAA benefits webpage for additional information.

Esports FAQs

Can customers play their own games?

Yes. Customers simply wait a short time for a personal game to download with our conveniently fast internet speeds! However, please inform desk staff if you wish to play a specific game repeatedly and HUB Games may be able to purchase a copy of the game.

Is there somewhere customers can keep their backpack while gaming?

Yes. HUB Games has lockers available for checkout. UW Students, Staff and Faculty may rent a locker for one to four quarters.

Does it cost money to check out a headset?

No. Headset rentals only require an ID card.

Can I still play on the esports pc's if the pool hall or the entire HUB Games is closed for a reservation?

Yes, however customers are restricted from passing through the reserved areas. Esports customers must use the ground floor entrance to the Esports Arena which is located in the rear of the Starbucks lounge on the ground floor. Gamers needing to check out a headset must visit HUB Games’ front desk using the staircase near the ground floor women’s bathroom, not the main curved staircase.

Bowling FAQs

Are shoes included in the bowling rates?

Yes. Bowling shoes are included in the bowling rate.  Customers may also choose to purchase Bowling Buddies shoe coverings to wear over their tennis shoes.

May I bring my own equipment? Is there a discount?

Yes. Customers may bring their own equipment to bowl (play pool, table tennis, or play video games). However, HUB Games is not responsible for damage to customer’s equipment included bowling balls, table tennis paddles, video game discs, etc.

No. Customers who bring their own equipment do NOT receive a discounted rate.

Is there somewhere I can put my bowling ball or shoes?

Yes. HUB Games has lockers available for checkout. Students and UW Staff or Faculty may rent a locker for one to four quarters.

Does HUB Games have kid's bowling balls? Other mobility accommodations?

Yes. HUB Games provides bowling balls as light as 5 pounds. HUB Games can also provide a ramp for first time bowlers or bowlers with limited mobility.

Does HUB Games have kid's bowling shoes?

Yes. HUB Games carries a large selection of children’s bowling shoes as small as size 9 youth.

Does HUB Games have bowling bumpers?

Yes. All 12 bowling lanes have bumpers. However, bumpers are intended for children who are bowling. Each bowler using a bumper lane is required to use an 8-pound (or lighter) bowling ball to keep from damaging the bumpers.

Is there a maximum for how long walk-in guests can bowl (or play HUB Games' other activities?)

Yes. When a reservation has previously reserved the activity being used by the walk-in customer. In addition, HUB Games staff will ask walk-in guests to limit their game playing to 2 hours at one activity if there are other customers on the waiting list. This allows other guests a chance to play. Note: guests that are asked to stop playing can then ask to be put on the waiting list themselves if they wish to keep playing.

Parking Questions

Where is the closest parking lot to the HUB?

The Padelford Parking Garage is the nearest parking lot to the HUB. It is located off of Mason Road and can be easily mapped on Google maps.

Parking Lot N22, located just north of the HUB may be used for drop-offs, but parking in lot N22 is limited to vehicles with disability permits and valid N22 parking permits only.

Visitors MUST make parking arrangements at any one of the gatehouses upon entering campus, pay at a parking lot pay station, or by contacting UW Transportation Services. Gatehouse attendants will direct guests to available parking lots based on current parking conditions.

PLEASE NOTE: HUB staff do not make parking arrangements and cannot resolve parking citations for visitors or guests.

How much does it cost for parking?

Parking is $16+/day Monday-Friday from 7am-5pm. Evening weekday parking after 5pm is $6+. Saturday parking rates are $6 from 7am-Noon. Parking after Noon on Saturdays and all day on Sundays is free.

Visitors MUST make parking arrangements at any one of the gatehouses upon entering campus or by contacting UW Transportation Services. Gatehouse attendants will direct guests to available parking lots based on current parking conditions.

PLEASE NOTE: HUB staff do not make parking arrangements and cannot resolve parking citations for visitors or guests.

What about free weekend parking?

Parking is FREE on Saturdays after noon and Sundays in most campus parking lots. However, it is the driver’s responsibility to read and abide by all parking lot signs. The closest free parking for Saturdays after noon would be in C19 (across the street under the University of Washington Club) or N18-N21 (Padelford Garage). Parking Lot N22, just north of the HUB, is free on Saturdays but vehicles in this lot still require a disability permit and valid N22 parking permit.

PLEASE NOTE: HUB staff do not make parking arrangements and cannot resolve parking citations for visitors or guests.

Is there a bus drop-off/pick-up location? Bus parking?

Yes, the closest being the Montlake Parking Lot. All bus parking arrangements and approvals are provided by UW Commuter Services. Visitors MUST submit a Bus Parking Request for approval, drop-off/pick-up instructions, and bus parking locations.

Please Note:

  • Buses are NOT allowed to drop off or pick up guests or park in Parking lot N-22 due to limited space and maneuverability for buses
  • Buses are NOT allowed to drop off or pick up guests or park in the HUB Loading Dock
  • HUB staff do not make parking arrangements and cannot resolve parking citations for visitors or guests

Minors at HUB Games

We are bringing Chaperones for our upcoming event. What should we tell them to help ensure our event goes well?

Chaperone assignments:

Please assign volunteers to the various activities to help us protect your guests and the facility.

When Bowling:

At a minimum, Chaperones should be placed on each set of 6 lanes.

Pay attention to the graphics on the monitors after each ball is thrown – if it says “STOP”, please stop and wait. It will do this at the end of a game to automatically reset pins, so we don’t want you rolling the ball when the machine is still cycling.

Only the person whose turn it is to bowl should be on the approach. While waiting for your turn stay in or behind the seating area.

The person on the lane to your right has the right-of-way so please let them go first.  Alternating turns helps prevent problems with the bowling balls getting stuck, so please don’t roll the ball until your neighbors’ ball has hit the pins.

If you have any problem at all – scoring, balls not returning, trying to stop/reset a game, etc. – Please get a staff member.  Do not attempt to fix any lane problems yourself.  They are very dangerous.

No one should be bowling in just socks.  No bowlers should be going beyond the foul line for any reason.

Please make sure no children roll their bowling ball while the rake (pin sweeper) is down.


Please no sitting or climbing on the tables.  One foot must stay on the floor for a shot to be legal.

Please do NOT place any food or beverages on the pool tables or the rails os the pool tables.

Table Tennis:

Please do not attempt any smash shots to protect those around you.

 Video Gaming:

Be courteous of those on either side of you and ask for assistance with any system issues.


Restrooms are located down the hall near the drinking fountain.  Restrooms are always open to the general public, even during private events.  Event hosts are responsible for their guests’ safety, so bathroom use planning is highly recommended for events with minors.

The Foyer:

We try to prevents guests from entering the foyer if you have reserved the entire place (Quad).  Please feel free to assign chaperones to the entrances if this is especially important for your event.

Sunday Reservations:

Since the building is closed all customers/visitors must remain on the Basement level except when exiting the building.  Please ensure your guests proceed directly to the southwest building exit after your event.

Have fun and ask for assistance whenever necessary!

May I leave my child/children unattended at HUB Games?

No. Children under the age of 13 must be attended by an adult AT ALL TIMES while at HUB Games. Children may be required to produce proof of age if requested by HUB staff.

Food and Setup

What types of food are allowed in HUB Games for an event?

Food service in HUB Games must follow HUB Food Service policy. All foods must be prepared in advance and may be consumed in any room within HUB Games.

HOME PREPARED FOODS are NOT allowed in the HUB or HUB Games.

Food preparation must fall into one of the following three options:

  1. Commercially Prepared: Clients may provide their own food service, only when the food is commercially prepared (Subway, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, etc.) or clients may bring in non-perishable prepackaged items purchased from a grocery store.
  2. Bay Laurel Catering: UW’s Bay Laurel Catering can provide food for catered events. Phone: 206-685-2051
  3. Alternate Caterer: Clients may choose another catering service, however the caterer must be reviewed and approved a minimum of 2 weeks in advance by the UW’s Office of Environmental Health and Safety. Please complete a Food Permit application or use a vendor on the UW’s approved vendor list.

EH&S Online Food Permit

How should we unload items for our event or party?

Customers may utilize the HUB’s loading dock which is located on the east side of the building along Stevens Way. Customers may unload their vehicles from the loading dock if space is available, but must not leave a vehicle unattended or parked in the loading dock. After unloading, customers need to move their vehicle to an available parking lot. Gatehouse attendants will direct guests to available parking lots based on current parking conditions. Please review parking FAQs.

What pizza places deliver to the HUB Games?

Pagliacci’s, Dominos, Jet City Pizza, and Papa John’s are just a few that deliver to the HUB and HUB Games. Delivery instructions should direct them to the basement level of the HUB (Student Union Building).  For a more complete list email asking for our list of fast food restaurants that deliver to the HUB.