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The Husky Union Building (HUB) is committed to providing services to UW students, staff, faculty, and invited guests. The HUB is a department within the Division of Student Life, is funded in part by the Services and Activities Fee (SAFC), and relies on its professional and student staff to carry out its mission to enrich student engagement.

Find It At The HUB

HUB First Floor

First Floor Map

Office Name Location
ASUW Bike Shop HUB 103
U.S. Bank + ATM HUB 105
Welcome Center HUB 106
HUB 106: Welcome Center (Event Space) HUB 106
Resource Center HUB 111
Student Tech Loan Program HUB 111D
HUB Advertising HUB 117/Main Desk
HUB Event Services HUB 117/Main Desk
HUB Information Desk HUB 117/Main Desk
HUB Lost & Found HUB 117/Main Desk
HUB Ticket Office HUB 117/Main Desk
HUB Literature Tables (Tabling) HUB 117/Main Desk
UW Police Substation HUB 117A
HUB Cashier HUB 117P/Window
ASUW HUB 121/131
Commuter & Transfer Commons HUB 141
HUB 145 (Meeting Space) HUB 145
HUB 160: Lyceum (Event Space) HUB 160

HUB Second Floor

Second Floor Map

Office Name Location
HUB 203: North PreFunction (Meeting Space) HUB 203
Foundation for International Understanding Through Students (FIUTS) HUB 206
HUB 211AB: HUB Ballroom (Event Space) HUB 211AB
Student Activities Office HUB 232
Fraternity & Sorority Life (OFSL) HUB 236
HUB 238 (Meeting Space) HUB 238
HUB 245: South PreFunction (Event Space) HUB 245
HUB 250 (Meeting Space) HUB 250

HUB Third Floor

Third Floor Map

Office Name Location
HUB Accounting HUB 305
HUB Administration HUB 305
Services & Activities Fee Committee (SAFC) HUB 305B
Student Technology Fee Committee (STFC) HUB 305B
Student Legal Services HUB 306
HUB 307 (Meeting Space) HUB 307
Q Center HUB 315
Student Veteran Life HUB 327
HUB 332 (Meeting Space) HUB 332
HUB 334 (Meeting Space) HUB 334
University Ombud HUB 339
HUB 340 (Meeting Space) HUB 340

HUB Ground Floor

Ground Floor Map

Office Name Location
University Book Store HUB G03
Scissor’s Edge Salon HUB G06
Husky Den Food Court HUB G07-G37
Starbucks HUB G61
ATMs HUB Ground

HUB Basement Floor

Basement Floor Map

Office Name Location
HUB Games Area HUB B150
New York Times Subscription HUB B150
HUB Lockers HUB B-Hallway

HUB SubBasement Floor

SubBasement Floor Map

Office Name Location
HUB Meditation Room HUB SB252
RSO Offices HUB SB253-289

HUB Events & Services

Bad Company

HUB Games 8 Ball Tournament

HUB Games 8 Ball Tournament

Shaun King at the HUB

Shaun King at the HUB

POSTPONED: Casey Neistat

POSTPONED: Casey Neistat


Christina Buckman
University of Washington

Justin Camputaro, PhD
University of Washington

Karee Shaw
Washington State University