Bubba’s Bulletin – Winter 2020

Hey y’all.  The end of any academic quarter comes with looks of exhaustion and anxiety from many of our students.  The quarter system can be brutal…not only in the classroom, but for student leaders who are trying to accomplish their goals, plan programs, enhance services, and serve the campus community.  10 weeks comes and goes so very quickly. Add in 40+ days of rain, a disappearing sun, and the challenges of just being a student…well, it can be daunting. It can be the same for faculty and staff as well.  However, even when the sun chooses not to shine brightly nor regularly, we have these rays of light and sunshine flowing from our ASUW and GPSS student leaders who remain passionate, resilient, resourceful, and dedicated.

It’s such a joy working and interacting with these leaders…just as it was to work with those who were once a part of GPSS and ASUW. Thank you for continuing to share your stories and lives with us.  

Be well, y’all. 

– L.Lincoln