Stay social with all the distance with an interactive online game night!

How can I participate?

  1. Join the HUB Game Night on Zoom
    • Make sure your audio is on and clear so you can hear game instructions and our staff facilitators
  2. From a mobile device, tablet, or computer, visit, enter the room code, your name, and click ‘PLAY’
    • The room code will be hidden until just before the start of the game
    • Some games will be limited in participants, but all games have ‘audience members,’ who participate and influence the outcome of the game
  3. Each game will provide instructions for how to play, but don’t hesitate to ask our staff facilitators to clarify
  4. Most importantly, have fun!

What are we playing?

Each week, we’ll play a selection of titles from Jackbox Games.

  • Bracketeering – The deranged debate match where you place smart bets on stupid arguments
  • Civic Doodle – The one-up art game where you compete to improve the town murals
  • Drawful 2 – Draw ridiculous prompts and bizarre doodles on your phone smartphones and tablets
  • Fakin It – One of your friends has something to hide in this sneaky game for tricksters
  • Fibbage 3 – Convince your friends that you know the answers to odd trivia questions
  • Guesspionage – The brain-battering data-mining guessing game
  • Monster Seeking Monster – The spooky date-a-thon where you message and date fellow monsters with special powers
  • Quiplash 2 -The say-anything gut-busting battle of wits and wittiness
  • Survive the Internet – The web-based frame game where you twist your friends’ “online” comments in hilarious ways
  • Tee K.O. – The t-shirt slugfest where you battle your custom t-shirts to the death
  • Trivia Murder Party – A deadly quiz show where you match wits with a trivia-obsessed killer

Community Standards

The HUB is committed to creating a positive online community that is respectful, friendly, and inclusive. Language and/or behaviors that create an intolerable environment such as bullying, harassment, threats of violence, stalking, or other forms of intimidation will not be tolerated. Community begins with you – let’s build a healthy environment together.

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