Netflix, chat, and chill! Join us every Thursday as we come together to watch shows and movies while participating in an online chat.

A Netflix account, Google Chrome web browser, and the Netflix Party plugin are required.

How can I participate?

  1. Visit from a Google Chrome web browser
  2. Install Netflix Party
  3. Login to Netflix from a Google Chrome web browser
  4. Join our Watch Parties Facebook event for the weekly party URL
    • The party URL will be available no later than 7:30pm
  5. Click on the party URL, which will redirect to Netflix’s website, then click on the “NP” icon to the right of the URL address bar and you will automatically join the party
  6. Choose a user icon, add your name, and enjoy the show!

What are we watching?

Weekly shows/movies will be selected through an Instagram Story poll every Monday – follow us @hubatuw and vote! The winning show/movie will be announced on Tuesdays. Join our Watch Parties Facebook event to stay up to date with what we’re watching and for the weekly party URL.

  • April 9 – Tiger King
  • April 16 – Love is Blind
  • April 23 – To All the Boys P.S. I Still Love You Part 2
  • April 30 – The Office
  • May 7 – Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
  • May 14 – On My Block
  • May 21 – Julie and Julia
  • May 28 – Riverdale

Shows will be season one, episode one. We’ll watch two episodes for shows that are 20-30 minutes in length.

Community Standards

The HUB is committed to creating a positive online community that is respectful, friendly, and inclusive. Language and/or behaviors that create an intolerable environment such as bullying, harassment, threats of violence, stalking, or other forms of intimidation will not be tolerated. Community begins with you – let’s build a healthy environment together.

For more information, contact