Director’s Welcome – Spring 2021

This past winter, Seattle had just one snow storm. Unfortunately, it came with some powerful winds that toppled an iconic part of the HUB’s landscape, a 60+ year-old cork oak tree (the only one on the UW campus). HUB staff have worked with the UW Grounds team to salvage much of it with the intent to build benches, plaques, and maybe even a sculpture for the building and surrounding area. When the debris was finally cleared, we discovered a wonderful surprise, a 5-foot seedling growing mostly underground. 

I enjoy metaphors, and for me this circumstance reflects what the current pandemic has taught us – that the past prepares us all to learn and grow as we progress with new seedlings ready to evolve and to do better. ASUW and GPSS have newly elected officers and these students will build from this year with lessons learned and actively engage and lead their fellow UW students as they readjust to an in-person Husky Experience.

You will read about the details below, but I must take the opportunity here to acknowledge Rene Singleton, who recently won a prestigious honor – the ACUI Values Award. The first criteria for this award is someone who has a “commitment to unconditional human worth.” Rene has advised, mentored, coached, and challenged thousands of students in her career (probably most of you reading this) and there is no better description of her style than this criteria. I am honored to work with such an outstanding colleague who I continue to learn from every day. 

Justin Camputaro, PhD
HUB Executive Director