Event Feature: ASUW A+E Fall Programming

This academic year, ASUW Arts & Entertainment (A+E) has worked tirelessly to ideate ways to bring entertainment content to the students on campus that is engaging and exciting. By pairing unique artists doing unconventional things, encouraging interaction, and generating show formats that are fresh for both artists and the audience, A+E has been busy. This fall, the team took on the logistical puzzle of putting together a virtual variety show for Dawg Daze. On September 28th, A+E went live with the show Reconnecting…

The variety show featured live appearances by talent from around the globe. Hosted by comedian Zack Fox, the evening included a book club with rapper/activist Noname, a discussion about remaining creative in a pandemic with illustrator Lauren Tsai, and concluded with a performance and interview from indie rock superstar Phoebe Bridgers. 

Spencer Rex, the 2020-21 ASUW A+E Director explained that he and his team had a chance to chat over Zoom with Phoebe Bridgers, “Who we believe will go down as one of the greatest artists of our generation. After we booked her, she played SNL and was nominated for multiple Grammy awards. It was a pleasure and a highlight for all of us to work with her and her entire team.”

Through the highly attended variety show, students all across campus were given an informal space to make positive memories and connections with one another. Rex explains, “We take very seriously the responsibility of giving our students fun and creative opportunity outlets so that we can collectively detach from, laugh at, or better understand the challenges of the modern age.” ASUW A+E aims to develop events which they hope can play a part in returning a sense of pride and fun to the college experience, despite the primarily virtual setting. Follow A+E on social media @asuwae to stay connected and see what’s on the horizon!