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ATTENTION: The HUB is not currently accepting advertising requests

Due to staffing constraints, the HUB is not currently accepting donation bin requests. If you have questions, please contact We apologize for the inconvenience.

UW departments or student organizations, in an effort to host philanthropic initiatives or bring awareness to non-traditional events or programs, may request the placement of a donation bin or awareness display in the HUB. The HUB considers these types of placement requests as Special Use Displays. There is no cost to place a donation bin or awareness display in the HUB but there may be a service charge if HUB staff are required to move furniture or to make other accommodations. All requests must be submitted using the form below and are reviewed and approved by the Associate Director of the HUB.

Special Use Request Requirements

  • Donation Bin:
    • Will only be placed at the HUB Main Desk and for no longer than 3 weeks.
    • RSOs must provide a copy of an approved Fundraising Permit issued by SAO to HUB Event Services.
    • Must clearly identify the recipient of the donations and the organizer.
    • Must clearly identify the start and end dates of the donation campaign.
    • The contact is responsible for clearing the bin on a daily basis.
  • Awareness Display:
    • Must clearly identify the sponsoring organization, purpose of the display, and contact information.
    • Will remain in the HUB for no longer than three (3) weeks.
  • Bin/Display:
    • The contact is responsible for removing the bin/display within 2 business days of the end date.
    • A maximum of 3 (donation or display) campaigns may occur in the HUB at any given time.
    • A maximum of 1 bin/display per organization is allowed per quarter.
    • The HUB reserves the right to dispose of any items/displays not removed by the organization within the stated deadlines.

Donation Bin or Awareness Display Request Form