There are tabling opportunities both inside and outside of the HUB.

The following guidelines apply to all tabling:

  • Clients must clearly display their organization name on a sign at least 8.5 x 11 inches.
  • May not advocate partisan political candidates, initiatives, or ballot measures. 
  • Activities and displays must be confined to the designated 10 x 6 foot area.
  • Projection and/or sound amplification equipment requires prior approval.

Additional guidelines apply based upon your organization:


  • May conduct sales or fundraisers with a valid fundraising permit issued by the Student Activities Office

UW Departments

  • May conduct sales or fundraisers

Academic Class Projects

  • Endorsement from an academic department may be required
  • The academic department holding the class may submit the reservation

Off-Campus Entities

  • May not conduct sales or fundraising activities
  • May not collect personal information

Inside the HUB

Information Tables may be used by clients to table inside the HUB. There are four designated spaces for Information Tables on the First Floor and two spaces on the Ground Floor.

These tables must be reserved through the HUB’s Event Management Software (Mazevo) at least three business days in advance.

HUB: Availability Check

Outside the HUB

Tabling space is available on the HUB Patio and along the walkway. Event reservations on the Patio, walkway, or Lawn have priority. More information about tabling outside is listed below.


UW Departments

  • Space is available on a first-come-first-serve basis if not reserved for an event.
  • Must provide their own tabling equipment.

Off-Campus Entities

  • Space reservations are required. Requests to reserve may be submitted here
  • Must provide their own tabling equipment.

For event reservations on the HUB Patio, walkway, or Lawn, please submit an availability check request.

HUB Tabling Guide Map

HUB Indoor Information Tables Locations