ATTENTION: The HUB is not currently accepting advertising requests

Due to staffing constraints, the HUB is not currently accepting digital display requests. If you have questions, please contact We apologize for the inconvenience.

The HUB has a digital display system to be used for advertisements and promotions with priority for HUB events and services followed by campus events and activities. The video wall is located in the HUB’s main atria. Digital displays + wayfinding screens are located at the North Entrance (first floor), West Column (first floor), and Southwest Entrance (ground floor). A dedicated wayfinding screen is also located at the HUB Main Desk (first floor).

Advertising Options

HUB Major Events

HUB Major Events: Any client holding an event in the HUB Ballroom(s), Lyceum, Street/Lounge, Lawn, or entire Games Area may advertise that event for one (1) week for free. Advertising rates apply beyond the one (1) week. Student groups may combine their free week per quarter with a HUB Major Event ad free week for a total of 2 free weeks, provided they have not already used up their free week per quarter.

Digital Display Request Form

HUB Residents

HUB Residents: HUB Residents may advertise for two (2) weeks per quarter for free. Advertising rates apply beyond the two (2) weeks.

Digital Display Request Form

Student Orgs

Student Orgs: Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) and student government (ASUW/GPSS) entities are allowed one (1) free weekly ad per quarter to promote their campus events, programs, or activities. Advertising rates apply beyond the one (1) week. RSOs must be registered with SAO and requests are accepted only from one (1) of the five (5) listed officers.
Rates: $11/day | $62.50/week | $200/month | $500/quarter

Digital Display Request Form

UW Depts

UW Departments: Any campus department may promote their campus events, programs, or activities. Advertising rates apply.
Rates: $22/day | $125/week | $400/month | $1000/quarter

Digital Display Request Form

Compare to UW Daily Advertising Rates.

Digital Display Request Requirements

  • Sponsoring Org/Dept: All ads must clearly identify the sponsoring organization by name.
  • Contact Info: All ads must provide contact information of either email address, website, or phone number.
  • Requests: Are processed on a first-come, first-served basis and must be submitted using the online request form. Emailed requests will not be accepted.
  • RSOs: Requests must be submitted by one of the five officers listed in the RSO Directory
  • UW Departments: May pay using a UW budget number
  • Digital Files: Must be submitted no later than 3 business days before the ad launch date
  • Rush Fee: Requests or digital files submitted with less than 3 business days prior to ad launch date will incur a $35 rush fee
  • Week: A week is defined as 5 or 6 consecutive days, not including Sundays or holidays, to coincide with the HUB’s building hours. The HUB is open M-Sa during academic quarters and M-F during quarter breaks and summer quarter.

Digital File Requirements

HUB Video Wall

Width: 2544px
Height: 960px
Resolution: 300px/dpi
File Type: .jpg or .png
Location: HUB Atria – East wall

HUB Video Wall Dimensions

HUB Digital Displays

Width: 1280px
Height: 720px
Resolution: 300px/dpi
File Type: .jpg or .png
Locations (3): North Entrance, West Entrance, Southwest Entrance

HUB Digital Display Dimensions

NOTE: Files for one size cannot be stretched or adjusted to fit the other.

Other Digital Displays in the HUB

HUB Games: The HUB Games digital displays are a component of the gaming management system and therefore dedicated to HUB Games advertisements.
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Updated: March 6, 2018