HUB Advertising

The HUB allows for short- and long-term placement of sandwich boards (A-frame) and retractable banners (with a base or frame kit) inside the HUB with prior approval from HUB Event Services or the Associate Director of the HUB. There is no cost to place a sandwich board or retractable banner in the HUB but they must meet the following requirements.

Short Term Placement

A sandwich board or retractable banner used to promote a meeting or event taking place in the HUB, usually on the day of the event but for no longer than 2 weeks prior to the event. Requests for short-term placement of a board/banner must be coordinated with HUB Event Services as part of the reservation and event planning process.

Long Term Placement

A sandwich board or retractable banner used to promote an office or services provided by a HUB unit or HUB resident. Requests for long-term placement of a board/banner requires prior approval from the Associate Director of the HUB. Requests must be submitted using the form below.

Sandwich Board/Retractable Banner Request Requirements

  • Boards/Banners: Are limited to promoting HUB meetings/events or HUB units/services.
  • Boards/Banners: Must not impede traffic flow or block any HUB entryway.
  • Boards/Banners: Are not allowed between the exterior and interior doors of the Main, North, West, and Southwest HUB entrances.
  • Boards/Banners: Those approved for short-term placement may be displayed for no longer than two (2) weeks prior to the event date.
  • Boards/Banners: Those approved for long-term placement remain the responsibility of the advertised unit or office.

Please Note:

  • The HUB does not provide sandwich boards.
  • The HUB does not monitor nor approve outdoor sandwich boards. – UW Facilities Services Grounds Management provides and approves outdoor sandwich board permits.
  • RSOs, ASUW, and GPSS may contact SAO for assistance with outdoor sandwich board approval.

Sandwich Board/Retractable Banner Request Form