The HUB Meditation Room, located in the HUB Sub-Basement in Room 252, is dedicated to those members of the University of Washington-Seattle campus community who seek a quiet place to reflect, meditate or pray. This room may not be reserved and is accessible via Husky Card during HUB building hours. Please respect these few guidelines so that all may feel comfortable in this special place.

HUB Meditation Room Guidelines

  • The HUB Meditation Room may only be accessed by University of Washington-Seattle students, faculty, and staff with active Husky Cards.
  • Use of the HUB Meditation Room is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Please keep speaking, chanting, music, and other activities that might disturb others to a minimum
  • General eating is not permitted. Food or drinks for meditation, or prayer purposes are appropriate.
  • General study, other than that related to reflection, meditation, or prayer is not permitted.
  • Personal items should not be left in the space as it is available for use whenever the HUB is open.
  • Problems with this room are to be reported to the HUB Information Desk on the first floor of the HUB.