Office Location Phone Email Affiliation
ASUW HUB 121/131 (206) 543-1780 Student Organization ASUW logo
ASUW Bike Shop HUB 103 (206) 543-2742 Student Organization ASUW Bike Shop logo
By George Newsstand Odegaard Basement (206) 543-4087 HUB Unit By George Newsstand photo
Commuter & Transfer Commons (FYP) HUB 141 (206) 616-6326 HUB Partner Commuter & Transfer Commons
D Center HUB 327 HUB Partner The Disability Center's Logo
Fraternity and Sorority Life HUB 236 (206) 543-1800 HUB Partner Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life
GPSS HUB 314 (206) 543-8576 Student Organization GPSS logo
HUB Accounting HUB 305 (206) 685-2930 HUB Unit hand with pen and paper
HUB Administration HUB 305 (206) 543-8132 HUB Unit The west side of the Husky Union Building
HUB Cashier HUB 117P / Window (206) 543-2257 HUB Unit HUB Cashier window
HUB Event Services HUB 117/Main Desk (206) 543-8191 HUB Unit HUB Ballroom event
HUB Facility Maintenance HUB 112 (206) 543-6447 HUB Unit HUB Board Room Picture
HUB Games HUB B-150 (206) 543-5975 HUB Unit Sign for HUB Games
HUB Information Services HUB 117/Main Desk (206) 543-8191 HUB Unit Picture of HUB Information Desk and Employees
HUB Information Technology HUB 305A (206) 616-0243 HUB Unit Picture of HUB Information Desk and Employees
HUB Lost & Found HUB 117/Main Desk (206) 543-8191 HUB Unit Search glass logo
HUB Ticket Office HUB 117/Main Desk (206) 543-8191 HUB Unit HUB Ticket Office logo
Husky Den Food Court (HFS) HUB Ground Floor (206) 616-5270 HUB Partner Dub Street Burgers Sign
Office of Special Programs HUB 117 (206) 543-9233 HUB Partner Picture of UW  themed cupcakes!
Office of the Ombud HUB 339 (206) 543-6028 HUB Partner Office of the Ombud logo
Q Center HUB 315 (206) 616-7296 HUB Partner Q Center's logo
SAF Committee HUB 305B Student Organization Services + Activities Fee
Scissor's Edge Salon HUB G-06 (206) 543-5984 HUB Partner Scissor's Edge logo
Starbucks at the HUB (HFS) HUB Ground Floor (206) 616-2553 HUB Partner Starbucks Logo
Student Activities Office HUB 232 (206) 543-2380 HUB Unit Student Activities Fair in the HUB
Student Legal Services HUB 306 (206) 543-6486 HUB Partner SLS logo
Student Resource Center HUB 111 (206) 221-3327 HUB Unit HUB Resource Center logo
Student Tech Loan Program (Acad & Stu Affairs) HUB 111D (206) 685-6090 HUB Partner Student Technology Loan Program logo
Student Veteran Life HUB 206 (206) 221-0830 HUB Partner Student Veteran Life
Student Tech Fee Committee HUB 305B Student Organization Student Tech Fee logo
U.S. Bank HUB 105 (206) 632-7551 HUB Partner US Bank logo
University Book Store HUB G-03 (206) 543-5896 HUB Partner University Book Store
UW Police SubStation HUB 117A (206) 543-9341 HUB Partner UW Police logo
Welcome Center (Admissions) HUB 106 (206) 543-9686 HUB Partner Admissions Welcome Center sign