Room: HUB 141

Commuter & Transfer Commons

Commuter & Transfer Commons

Currently more than 29,000 undergraduates call the University of Washington their academic home. About 80% of the undergraduate population commutes to and from campus. Students commute from nearby neighborhoods as close as Wallingford, Fremont, or Capitol Hill, or from as far as Everett, Renton, Issaquah, or even as far away as Gig Harbor, or Port Angeles. Each year over 1,800 transfer students are admitted to the University of Washington and many of these transfer students are also commuter students.

The Commuter & Transfer Commons (CTC) helps students from outside the U-District and those transferring to the UW create a sense of identity and community within the larger University. The space is truly a “home away from home” for students who live outside of the U-District and functions as a community building space on-campus for commuter and transfer students.

The CTC was originally called the “Commuter Commons.” Many of the programming aspects hosted within the CTC were designed to accommodate the transfer student population despite of the name “Commuter Commons.” In December 2015 the “Commuter Commons” was renamed to the “Commuter & Transfer Commons.” In an effort to be more inclusive of transfer students, the name “Commuter & Transfer Commons” reflects the many populations who use the space.

Commuter Services

The services provided by the Commuter & Transfer Commons include:

  • Kitchenette with microwaves & refrigerators
  • Day use lockers
  • Changing room
  • Lactation station
  • Academic tutoring and advising – CLUE
  • Study area
  • Dawg Prints printer