Winter quarter alumni dinners

Our outreach and communication with alumni student leaders of ASUW and GPSS has yet again confirmed the rich history of friendship, service, leadership and stories that the HUB wants to capture. In an effort to hear those stories and learn more about our former student leaders’ experiences at the UW, two dinner parties were held in November and December 2014 for small, intimate groups of ASUW alumni.

Former ASUW President Mike Egan hosted the first dinner with four student leaders from the same era. ASUW President Judy Nicastro hosted the second event for six alumni from her time as president. Both evenings were a great success! From the moment guests arrived, it was obvious that the years that had passed would quickly melt away. While social media has aided awareness of what is happening in their respective lives, many of the guests had not seen one another since their time as students in the HUB.

The evenings were full of laughter, camaraderie, stories and even a bit of singing. The alumni spoke with pride and fondness of the time they spent in the HUB, serving as student leaders for ASUW. The reminiscences about their respective groups’ projects, ideas and initiatives were inspiring. They certainly validated why current student leaders proudly exclaim that they are standing on the shoulders of giants who have motivated them to contribute to this legacy.

Due to the success of these two events, the HUB will continue to seek out opportunities to gather smaller, more intimate groups of alumni so that we can continue to learn more about these student leadership experiences. If you would like to learn more about how to get involved in these dinners, please contact Lincoln Johnson at or 206-221-6323.