UW Leaders: Then & Now

UW Leaders, an impactful program providing students with leadership development, mentorship, and a welcoming and inclusive community, has continued to be a staple of the ASUW. Founded by fellow HUB Alumni and former ASUW Vice President, Ivan Barron developed UW Leaders because he wanted “a program for emerging student leaders and help them gain a greater understanding of the role before even starting it.” At the same time, UW Leaders built a broader awareness of the Associated Students and created lifelong connections in the process. Ivan explained how he had this great feeling of community by the time he was a junior, but wanted freshmen and sophomores to feel this community much earlier than he did. Over the past 20 years, UW Leaders has grown from a once “pipeline network” of incoming student leaders that spread ASUW awareness and job training, to a vast network of mentors and mentees who continue to fulfill the mission of UW Leaders through meaningful workshops and programming. “I just wanted to do my part to make this university a better place,” says Ivan. If you were once a part of UW Leaders, we hope you would agree that he certainly helped make this university a better place.

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HUB Alumni Newsletter: ASUW UW Leaders