The Blank Monologues

The ASUW Women’s Action Commission presented the production of The ______ Monologues, previously known as The Vagina Monologues, held on February 12 through 14 in the HUB. The _______ Monologues is an entirely student written and organized production featuring 10 UW students who shared their personal stories of survival, identity and resistance through a range of performances.

Writing and rehearsing for months, the students brought their stories to the stage for two days of free shows open to all audiences. As a challenge to the widely known Vagina Monologues, The _____ Monologues showcase that all people can tell their own stories in their own voices to increase inclusivity. Now, on an annual basis, this event has proven that these stories are important and crucial to the student body at UW.

The ___ Monologues

The ___ Monologues 2015