Facility reservations are an important part of making the Husky University Building operations function smoothly. All customers are responsible for complying with the policies and procedures that govern the HUB. Additional policy information will be added soon.

HUB Policies

Reservation Essentials

Each Reservation Confirmation should be treated as an INVOICE and carefully reviewed for accuracy. It is the customer’s responsibility to review all charges, deadlines, diagrams, and setup details for their meeting or event. By signing the Reservation Agreement, clients agree to all stipulated terms and deadlines.
Essential HUB Reservation Information

Payments & Cancellations

Payment methods accepted by HUB Event Services are cash, check, credit card, and university budget number.
Cancellation dates and fees are listed in the Reservation Confirmation. By signing the Reservation Agreement, clients agree to payment and cancellation terms and deadlines.
Policy: Payment & Cancellation

Decorations, AV, Setup

Decoration materials must meet strict requirements for safety and placement. Audio/Visual equipment and furniture needs are to be coordinated with HUB Event Services. Please review the policy before planning decorations, A/V, and setup needs for your meeting or event.

Please note that A/V and other equipment rentals incur additional charges.
Policy: Decorations

Food Service

Food may be served from a variety of sources at the HUB. Specific guidelines and charges apply. Please review the policy before planning food service or catering for your meeting or event. Please note that Cleaning Fees often apply with Food Service events.
Policy: Food Service

Alcohol Service

Alcohol service is permitted in the HUB but is strictly monitored and requires several approvals from the UW and the WA State Liquor Control Board. The HUB reserves the right to refuse alcohol service to any event or group. Please review the Alcohol Policy before considering alcohol service for your meeting or event.
Website: Alcohol Service Request
Policy: Alcohol Service


Proof of Insurance may be required for any event that poses a risk to participants or third parties. Specific coverages may be necessary based on the type of event being held.
Policy: Insurance

Off-Campus Participation (UUF)

Any event or meeting that is hosted by or open to individuals outside of the University requires an approved Use of University Facilities (UUF) before the HUB reservation can be confirmed.
Website: UUF Request Form
Policy: UUF

Series Reservations

UW departments and student organizations that hold meetings on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis are eligible to submit a Series Reservation request for HUB meeting space. The HUB accepts series reservation requests only for the upcoming quarter and only for HUB Meeting Rooms.

Series reservation requests are allowed approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the beginning of each quarter. Any series reservations requests submitted prior to the established date and time will be denied.

Meeting Rooms

Series Reservation Request Dates