HUB Access Questions

Why do you ask for my detailed event schedule

Reservation time is the total time a client has access to the HUB meeting or event space for their reservation. This includes any time needed for setup or cleanup. This is the time you have booked as the client. We ask for a detailed schedule to ensure you have allocated proper time for setup and cleanup.

It is the client’s responsibility to provide the correct event start/end time information to the HUB.

Can I/the Caterer/the Event Coordinator have access to my confirmed HUB event space prior to my reservation time?

No, access to the event or meeting space will begin at the reservation time. The HUB is not able to guarantee early access to the space, as the room may be in use by other clients or still in the process of being set up by HUB staff. 

We encourage clients to include set up and clean up time when submitting a request. If early access on the day of the event is possible, rental fees will apply.

Can I access the A/V Rooms for the HUB Lyceum or Ballroom(s)?

Access to the control rooms is not permitted for security and liability reasons.

Can my reservation extend beyond building hours?

All HUB access before or after building hours, including Sundays, must be approved in advance and incurs a building access fee. This fee pays for HUB staff to be onsite and for the reprogramming of HUB door access and lighting programs.

Do I need to pick up a key for my room?

A room key will not be needed. HUB student staff will unlock the room for you at the scheduled reservation time. We encourage clients to verify the reservation time indicated on the Quote/Confirmation. Staff are available at the HUB Information Desk if there is a problem with initial access to the room.

How do I access the service elevators?

An elevator access card is required to access and operate both service elevators. The staff at the HUB Information Desk on the first floor can check out elevator cards to clients and vendors in exchange for a photo ID such as a driver’s license, state issued ID, or Husky Card. IDs will be returned to clients when the elevator cards are returned to the HUB Information Desk.

The service elevator on the south end of the HUB serves the ground floor (Husky Den and HUB Loading Dock), the first floor (Lyceum), and the second floor (South Ballroom only). Access to the south service elevator requires going through the Husky Den on the ground floor.

The service elevator on the north end of the HUB serves the ground floor (Husky Den and HUB Loading Dock), first floor, and second floor (North Ballroom only). Please note the north service elevator cannot be used to access the South Ballroom.

Is there a kitchen or food prep area available for my event?

There are Food Staging Areas (FOOSAs) available to reserve with the HUB Lyceum, North Ballroom, and South Ballroom for an extra fee.

The FOOSAs are for preparing food for serving only. There are no stoves or ovens in the FOOSAs. Check the Food Staging Areas page for a list of the amenities offered in each area.

Is there a Green Room available for my event?

The HUB Lyceum, North Ballroom, and South Ballroom each have a Green Room, which is automatically included when reserving the space.

Check the Green Rooms page for a description and list of the amenities offered in each room.

How do I get disability accommodations for my event?

The HUB is ADA certified for access to and throughout the building.

For specific disability accommodations, please contact the Disability Services Office to make arrangements and coordinate efforts with the HUB.

Disability Services Office Website

HUB Spaces & Amenities

Do HUB event and meeting spaces have air conditioning?

No, the HUB uses a natural ventilation system that allows cool air to circulate through the building overnight as weather patterns dictate. However, unseasonably warm weather may reduce the effectiveness of this system. The HUB recommends advising guests to dress in layers to ensure their comfort. The only areas of the HUB with true air conditioning are the HUB Bowling Alley and eSports Arena.

Can I reserve the Main Lounge and Street?

While the Main Lounge and Street are public areas of the building, they can also be reserved for events. Due to the logistics of hosting events in these spaces, requests for using these spaces must be directly discussed with the HUB prior to being quoted. Please email the HUB directly to inquire about the availability of the Main Lounge or Street.

Is WiFi available for my event guests/participants?

A UW NetID is required to access the “University of Washington” wireless network in the HUB and on campus. HUB Event & Information Services can help establish a temporary UW NetID for groups reserving the HUB. There is also a complimentary wifi password available at the HUB Information Desk. Other access questions may be directed to UW-IT. Please review Using Wireless at the UW for details.

What is the resolution of the projection screens in the HUB?

The screen resolution of all projection screens in HUB meeting and event spaces can go up to 4K.

Why do I need a Facilities Services Assistant (FSA) at my event?

All major events (events that take place in the Ballrooms, Lyceum, first floor Street/Lounge or more than four meeting rooms) will be assigned a student FSA who will serve as a building liaison. They will be able to assist with building-related questions and any HUB equipment that is being used. The HUB provides training to all student employees to handle questions, concerns, incidents, or that may arise during an event.

What is a Diagramming Fee?

Three versions of a diagram are included with each reservation, including the original diagram and two updates. Diagramming fees are incurred when the client has requested more than two updates to their event diagram.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, the HUB accepts all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Other payment options include cash, University Budget, and Husky Card (not dining account). Payments can be made online HERE, or at the HUB Information Desk. Current hours can be found at .

Can the HUB store items for me until my event date?

The HUB is not able to store event items.

Deliveries: All event deliveries must arrive on the day of the event. It is important that the delivery address specify the event name, recipient, and specific HUB room to which it should be delivered. The client must be in the room to receive the delivery. HUB staff, including an event’s FSA, are not able to accept deliveries.

Storage: Overnight storage within the meeting or event space is allowed if the client has reserved the space continuously from one day to the next.

The HUB cannot guarantee the safety or security of items left in rooms for an extended period of time. Clients and guests are strongly encouraged to remove expensive or sensitive items from meeting or event spaces.

I'd like to put up a poster/sign for my event. How can you help?

The HUB has easels and clipstands available to post signage in and around your meeting or event. The HUB has a limited number of these items available, and recommends requesting them in advance. Day-of requests will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis and will depend on availability.

Per the HUB Building Access & Use policy, clients are permitted to use low-residue tape to cover windows within their reserved meeting or event spaces.

The HUB also has bulletin boards for general use, and postings on these must follow the Posting Policy for HUB Bulletin Boards.

Nails, screws, tacks, staples, and tape (except as previously stated or pre-approved) are not permitted on any building surfaces.

Review the HUB Advertising policies to advertise campus events for up to two weeks on the HUB bulletin boards or indoor banner space.

How can I make sure the Padelford escalators are running to accommodate guests for my event in the HUB?

The Padelford escalators run from 7:30am-8:30pm, M-F. A request must be submitted to Facility Services to schedule additional time for the escalators to run.

UW Departments/Staff may submit a request using FS-Works to make arrangements and to provide a budget number for the charges.

Student organizations and off-campus clients must request the service through HUB Event & Information Services. Facility Services charges apply and will be reflected on the HUB reservation quote/confirmation.

Can I rent some of the HUB's portable equipment for an event in another building?

For security and liability reasons, the HUB does not rent nor make available any of its equipment for use in other campus buildings. Please contact the building or reservation manager of the intended event space for assistance.

The Student Tech Loan Program has items like projection screens, cameras, and laptops available for rental by students. Find out more information, including their locations, hours, and equipment availability here:

Are there preferred vendors for the HUB?

We do not have preferred vendors but all vendors that are used in the HUB must follow the vendor guidelines.

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