Huskies on the Hill Lobby Day

Huskies on the Hill Lobby Day

Husky Lobby Day

On February 9, UW students traveled to Olympia, WA for the annual “Huskies on the Hill Lobby Day.” Huskies on the Hill is coordinated through the ASUW Office of Government Relations.

Over 100 students met with Senate and House legislators to share their individual stories and highlight issues such as increased higher education funding for State Need Grants, sexual assault advocacy, support for more student mental health programs and installation of a permanent ballot box on campus. In addition, they encouraged legislature to continue its support for lower tuition rates similar to the 15% reduction that was achieved during the 2015 Legislative Session. Many staff at the UW agree that the tuition decrease was passed in part due to student advocacy from ASUW and GPSS.

Students came together for a rally on the Capitol steps where they heard encouraging remarks from State Representative Hans Zeiger, ASUW President Tyler Wu, ASUW Office of Government Affairs Director Kate Graham and Student Regent Vanessa Kritzer. Harry the Husky was even on hand to cheer on all of the UW students who attended the event.

The passion and commitment from students continues to encourage legislators to consider the impact that their higher education decisions have and how they can work together in an effort to increase higher education affordability.