HUB Alumni Spotlight

Kristen Hosey

Kristen Hosey Kristen Hosey

What was your favorite course you took at UW? Why?

It is very hard for me to choose between my two favorite courses…the first was Dr. Stephen Bezruchka’s Global Health course on societal determinants of health (GH 514). It really did a great job of comparing our nation’s health with other countries globally. The second was not a course in itself, but rather my entire clinical practicum series with Dr. June Strickland from the School of Nursing, where I spent much of my time working on health promotion and disease prevention activities with elders.

Where was your favorite location on campus? Why?

My favorite location on campus is probably the HUB, followed closely by the UBooktore. I spent a year there as the Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS) Secretary when the HUB first reopened, and I loved my office, my friends and the SAO staff. It was a busy environment, lots of energy, and sure beat hanging out in the health sciences building!

Where are you/what are you doing now?

I have an appointment as a Clinical Assistant Professor with the UW School of Nursing, and I am also active within the Department of Global Health as a faculty member for the Afya Bora Consortium in Global Health Leadership. For both, I focus my work on training nurses in leadership, public health and policy – mostly in Africa, but also locally with the tribes I have been connected to now for 6 years. In addition to this, I recently became the Director of a new RN to BSN program I am working to develop at Wenatchee Valley College.

What was your most memorable moment as a student leader?

My most memorable moment was with the Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS). Two major initiatives that I was proud to be a part of included the creation of a Diversity Committee for the GPSS, as well as my work in science and policy activities (including annual Science and Policy Summits, DAWG Talks – much like TED Talks – science communication workshops). My work with the Diversity Committee I am also proud of – probably the most proud of – because during my term as Secretary we institutionalized the first Diversity Committee for the GPSS.

James Moschella (Current GPSS VP External Affairs)

James Moschella James Moschella

1. What was your favorite course you took at UW thus far? Why?

My favorite course at UW thus far has been a current class of mine, Campaign Management. I came to UW for real, practical experiences in careers that I want to pursue, and this course has given me the opportunity to learn the actual factors to building a successful political campaign!

2. Where is your favorite location on campus? Why?

The HUB! It’s the only place where I can eat, work, study, relax, and hang out all in one spot. As a GPSS representative, I think I have to say that, no?

3. What is your current position? What do you enjoy about it?

My current position is GPSS Vice President of External Affairs. My favorite aspect is that as VP of External Affairs, I get to serve as a lobbyist in Olympia working on graduate student protections and issues. This position has not only given me the opportunity to expand and support my network for my future career, but allowed me to advocate for support for graduate students. I love filling legislators in on the great things that students at UW are doing!

4. What has been your most memorable moment as a student leader thus far?

My most memorable moment as a student leader has been advocating for graduate student issues in Washington DC last year on behalf of GPSS. I was able to meet with Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell. They loved hearing about the great work that organizations like UW Co-Motion are working on, and committed to supporting UW in the future. It was great to know that our lawmakers are listening to what students are saying and what they care about.

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