Frequently Asked Questions

How does a UW Seattle student join a Registered Student Organization?

Students can search for RSOs by category or keyword in the RSO Directory. After finding an RSO in the directory, students are encouraged to email the RSO and find out when they meet and how to join.

How does one know if a group is active?

If a group is listed in the RSO Directory, they are active. To be active RSOs register or re-register each academic year. Registrations sessions begin in September and are held throughout the academic year. If a group fails to re-register, they are deactivated and NOT listed in the RSO Directory.

When does my RSO need to submit a Use of University Facilities (UUF) request form?

An approved UUF is needed for events that are held outdoors, are open to the general public, off-campus guests will be attending, are political in nature, or involve private or commercial sponsors.

Where can RSOs reserve event/meeting space on campus?


Student organizations are eligible for ONE free meeting for two hours or less per week in small or mid-sized HUB meeting rooms in standard sets. Read more here.

  • Request must be received by HUB Event Services at least 3 business days in advance
  • Charges apply for equipment, custom sets, and/or food service events
  • Meetings must be open to campus members ONLY and NO fees may be collected
  • Submit a HUB Availability Check via HUB EMS

Other Campus Locations

RSOs may also reserve space on campus using the following reservation systems:

Updated: April 20, 2018
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