Student organizations are eligible for ONE free meeting for two hours or less per week in small or mid-sized HUB meeting rooms in standard sets.

Free Meeting Requirements

  • Request must be received AT LEAST 5 BUSINESS DAYS IN ADVANCE
    (Free Meeting requests submitted with less than 5 business days lead time will NOT be processed)
  • No admission/registration charges, sales or donations. 
  • No off campus participation except presenter(s). 
  • No partisan political candidate participation, ballot review or partisan political activity. 
  • Room must be used in a standard set. 
  • All other applicable reservation fees will apply. (ex – cleaning/maintenance for an event with food, custom set fees, or equipment rentals such as whiteboards, tv’s, etc.)

Small Rooms

HUB 238: Conference/Board room set for 20
HUB 307: Conference/Board room set for 20

Mid-Sized Rooms

HUB 106: Open space with stacks of chairs and two tables
HUB 214: Open space with stacks of chairs and two tables
HUB 337: Open space with stacks of chairs and two tables
HUB 340: Open space with stacks of chairs and two tables

Series Requests

Student organizations that hold meetings on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis are eligible to submit a Series Reservation request for HUB meeting rooms.

Series reservations that begin and end prior to 2:00pm are accepted at any time within established reservation tier timelines.

Series reservations that begin at 2:00pm or later will be accepted 2 weeks before the end of the quarter prior. Any series reservations requests submitted prior to the established date and time will be denied. Requests may be resubmitted when the reservation window for that quarter opens.

Upcoming series request dates can be found on the Reservations Policies page.

Policy Reference

Policy Owner

HUB Event & Information Services
HUB 117/Information Desk