Bubba’s Bulletin – Winter 2019

L. Lincoln Johnson

Hey, y’all. Some people ask me how I am able to keep up with what’s happening in the lives of former students, and while I wish I could declare it is due to a brilliant and diligent mind, it really is aided by things like holiday cards, birth announcements and such. Thankfully, this is magnified in useful ways through the lens of social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

I truly wish you were able to see the bulletin board in my office. About a month ago I put up a whole bunch of holiday/picture cards from some the former student leaders with whom I’ve had the opportunity to work and advise. It brings me such joy and gratitude to receive these each year and to have a small glimpse into your lives. I truly enjoy seeing and learning about jobs, relationships, children, family moments, travel…and even pets. If you’re near the HUB, you should definitely stop by so I can share and brag about our marvelous GPSS and ASUW alumni family.

Be well, y’all.
L. Lincoln Johnson
IG: bubbalinc