The annual Student Activities Fair for Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) is open to all current RSOs as a way to promote their activities, recruit new membership and volunteers, and get a boost in visibility to the UW community.

The fair is one of the main events of Dawg Daze, the campus-wide, week-long series of events welcoming new and returning students to UW.

Be a Part of the Student Activities Fair

34th Annual Student Activities Fair will take place September 27-28, 2023.

Updates for This Year: 

  • RSOs can select one day of attendance at the 2-day fair in Red Square.
  • RSOs will each have their own table and are assigned a table space!
  • RSOs may have up to 2 representatives present at their table.
  • For groups that would like a quieter environment, or additional social distancing, you may request to use a Resource Center tent to set up on the Quad during the fair. Capacity is limited to the first 13 groups that request this accommodation for their day.

Important details for the fair:

  • Dates: September 27-28
  • Time: 10am to 2pm each day
  • Location: Red Square/Quad
  • RSO Status: Be currently registered as of the end of Spring quarter.
  • Who Can RSVP: Any one of the 5 Group Administrators, as listed in the RSO Directory.
  • Tables: Each RSO will have one, 6-foot table. You may be asked to remove items if your space moves outside of the table.
  • Chairs: There are a limited number of chairs available and the limit is 2 chairs per RSO.
  • There is no access to power on Red Square or the Quad, so plan accordingly.
  • Priority check-in begins at 9:00am each day of the fair. You must check in with SAO at the HUB Operations Tent (next to the Red Square stacks) before 9:45am all days of the fair. RSOs that do not check in by 9:45am on their assigned day will lose their space, and it will be given to an RSO waiting at event check-in. This is a very popular event, so please be on time!
  • Don’t take another RSO’s spot! There will be tent captains ensuring all RSOs are at their assigned tables.
  • Giveaways only, no fundraising! Swag, flyers are great! If you choose to give out snacks, only single-serving, commercially packaged foods allowed (candy, chip bags, etc.).
  • RSOs are strongly encouraged to use online tools to collect new member information and limit hand contact at their booths.
  • Clean up: Please be mindful of your space, and clean up your flyers/belongings/swag each day of the fair. Return chairs to the chair rack, and use garbage bags available at each supply kiosk under your tent!
  • And last but not least: HAVE FUN!

If you have any questions, please contact