HUB Games hosts PC Gaming, Bowling and Pool tournaments each quarter!

Tournaments and pick-up games are intended for fun and community building.  Vouchers for free gaming time at HUB Games are awarded as prizes for 1st-3rd place.  UW students and staff are encouraged to participate.

Winter Quarter Tournaments

SMASH ULTIMATE  –  Weekly Wednesdays January 8-March 18, 5pm, $4 UW

RSO TABLING & GAMING NIGHT  –  January 10, 3-6pm, FREE
Free Mini-Tournaments hosted by various Gaming RSO’s
Meet & Greet with Officers of UW Gaming RSO’s
Door Prizes raffled off every 30 minutes

DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ TOURNEY  – Jan 21, 4:30pm, $4 UW, $8 Gen
Round robin or double elimination tourney.  More details to come

SINGLES BOWLING TOURNEY  –  Jan 27, 4:30pm, $10 for all
“Pick Your Survivor”
Round robin bowling tourney.  More details to come

FIFA (Xboxes only)  –  Jan 28, 6:30pm, $4 UW or $8 Gen
Double Elimination, recommend gamers bring an Xbox controller & cable
Matches will be on FIFA20, FIFA19 and FIFA18
Matches consist of two 4-minute halves
Matches are full overtime+penalties in winner’s bracket
Matches are golden goal overtime+penalties in loser’s bracket
Sounders giveaways (raffle), compete against Sounders eMLS rep. Nick Mars

LEAGUE DAY: LEAGUE OF LEGENDS DAY & TOURNEY  –  Feb 1st, 12pm, $4 UW, $8 Gen
Tournament hosted by the Purple Caster Minions UW RSO
More info and tournament registration coming soon

POOL (8-Ball Billiards) –  Feb 4, 4:30pm, $7.50 UW or $12 Gen
Win a pool cue from the UW Billiards Club
Hosted by the UW Billiards Club

Single elimination, Best of 5 games until Final round
Best of 7 games in the Finals

Rocket League (PC 2v2) –  Feb 11, 4:30pm, $4 UW or $8 Gen
Hosted by the UW Rocket League Club
2v2 Tourney

POOL (8-Ball Billiards) –  Feb 25, 6:30pm, $7.50 UW or $12 Gen
Double elimination, Best of 3 games in winners bracket, best of 1 in losers

KING OF THE HILL (Singles Bowling)  –  Mar 9, $5
Visit HUB Games, pay $5, Bowl 3 games
Open to all UW students, staff, faculty & alumni
Top 50% advance each day
Bowl your best and try to stay in the game
Bowl anytime between 10am-10pm

Use the form below to register for any of our upcoming tournaments.  Pre-registering subscribes competitors to tournament updates as well as often leading to better seeding in the brackets.

To see the list of upcoming Free Learn to Play Workshops visit our Workshops page.

Register for a HUB Games Tournament

This tournament registration form is only applicable for tournaments held in the current quarter. Registration does not guarantee entry into a tournament.  Participants should arrive 10-15 minutes before start time to pay the required entry fee: