Yes, there’s a BOWLING ALLEY in the HUB!  It’s returning September 28th even better, cleaner and more fun than ever!

The HUB Games Bowling Alley has 12 lanes, is reserveable for events/parties in 2021, and has state-of-the-art Qubica XLi Edge bowling pinspotters, kiosks and overhead screens. The HUB Games counter offers pre-packaged snacks, and beverages. No socks? No problem. HUB Games has socks for sale too. Grab a friend, roommate or co-worker and bowl in the HUB by joining a league today! League registration information is below.

Note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions Fall 2020 bowling is limited to doubles bowling league teams or UW community members wishing to take part in bowling practice.  HUB Games is not able to accommodate walk-in or group bowlers at this time.

Bowling Rates

For Walk-ins: Bowling rates listed are by the game per person and include bowling shoe rental.

UW Students $3.50 $4.00
UW Fac/Staff/Dept $4.00 $4.75
General $4.50 $5.50

Cosmic Bowling

Cosmic Bowling

HUB Games offers Cosmic Bowling Mondays-Thursdays from 6:30-close during academic quarters.

Cosmic Bowling rates listed are by the game per person and include bowling shoe rental.

UW Students $4.00 NA
UW Fac/Staff/Dept $4.50 NA
General $5.00 NA

Reserve HUB Games’ Bowling Lanes

For Reservations: Bowling rates are per lane/per hour and include bowling shoe rental for all bowlers.

UW Students $18 $22
UW Depts                $20 $26
General $22 $30

Submit an online Availability Check (reservation request form) using the link below to reserve 2 or more lanes.  Single-lane requests and Walk-ins are accommodated on a lane-available basis.

HUB Games Availability Check

HUB Quarterly Bowling Leagues: Doubles League for Fall 2020

HUB Games hosts quarterly bowling leagues in partnership with the IMA and their recreational sports program. League play is held every Fall, Winter and Spring Quarter. For Fall 2020 teams of 2 bowlers will play in divisions during the round-robin regular season with playoffs to determine the final standings. Competition is open to undergraduates, graduate students, and Faculty/Staff members. HUB Bowling Leagues adhere to the IMA rules found in the IMA Intramural Sports Handbook (online) as well as the following HUB Bowling League rules:

Team Entry & Player Game Fees

Each team must pay the $10 TEAM ENTRY fee prior to the first league game. Additionally, team members will each pay a $7.50 WEEKLY GAME fee for each week they bowl. This weekly fee will be collected from every bowler before each match and will cover the cost of shoes and of bowling their 3 league games for that week.  Note: practice games, by reservation for Fall 2020, will be charged the league price of $2.50 per game.

Team Entry – Roster Due Date

Team captains must submit the entry form/roster with player names, UW affiliation, and student or employee ID numbers by the Friday before league play begins.  Choice of playing days will be on first-come, first-served basis. First day of league play is the 2nd Monday of Fall quarter.

Bowling League Roster form

Download PDF: Bowling League Rules

League Rules: Fall 2020

Rosters Due: Friday, October 9
League Play begins: week of Monday, October 12
Weekly League Times: Mon-Fri 10:30, 1pm or 3:30pm

Rules specific to COVID during Fall 2020:

  • Due to state regulations all bowlers must wear a face covering at all times while in HUB Games, even while in the act of bowling
  • Bowlers not using a personal ball will not be allowed to choose their own house balls, HUB Games staff will do that for each bowler
  • After league play bowlers should leave any house bowling balls or shoes at their lane for HUB Games staff to clean and then bowlers shall exit using the exit nearest the restrooms
  • There will be a strict maximum of 2 bowlers per lane with a lane closed between bowlers to ensure social distancing
  • There will be no walk-in bowling in Fall 2020 so practice times will be by reservation only via phone, email or the website reservation form
  • HUB Games staff will disinfect the settee area of each lane after use
  • HUB Games will close each weekday for up to 30 minutes at 12pm and 2:30pm to perform a deep clean of the gaming facilities that were used in the previous two hours and allow for extra ventilation


The Team Captain is responsible for submitting the Team Roster prior to the Friday before league play begins and for noting any subsequent roster changes. The Team Captain is responsible for finalizing the roster before playoff matches begin. Teams with unapproved bowlers will forfeit any bowling matches the unapproved bowler participated in.

Team Members

Teams can have any combination of men/women on their team. Only current UW students, faculty, and staff are allowed to bowl for a team. Each individual may only play for one team per quarter. HUB Games staff will check Husky ID cards when teams reach the playoff rounds and bowlers will only be allowed to bowl if they are listed on that team’s roster.

Bowler’s Names

Bowler’s “actual” first names must be typed into the bowling touchscreens prior to bowling that weeks’ first game. If teams need to change bowlers for the 2nd or 3rd game, please select the “Bowlers” button on the touch screen for the option to remove or rename bowlers.
Note: Up to 8 bowlers may bowl each game, with the top 4 scores from each game being recorded for the team’s official score for that game.

Match Times

Teams may choose from the following times for their league bowling each week: Monday-Friday at 10:30am, 1pm or 3:30pm.  Teams will be assigned one of their preferred time slots and be expected to bowl at that time.
Note: HUB Games will make every effort to hold lanes for teams that choose one of the above times.  Teams choosing a custom start time may need to be flexible with their start time some weeks based on availability of lanes.

Pre-Bowling or Post-Bowling: If a bowler or team cannot attend their scheduled time slot for that week, then a bowler/team may pre-bowl for a specific week by bowling their games in advance for the upcoming week. Bowlers can also post-bowl, in which bowlers have 24 hours after their match start time to come in and bowl their games. Bowlers who do not bowl within 24 hours of their league time will be scored absentee scores for that week.

Bowling Equipment

All bowling equipment (balls, shoes) will be provided by HUB Games. The cost of rentals for these items is included in the weekly match fee of $7.50 per player. Please Note: By choosing to use personal equipment (shoes or bowling ball) bowlers do so at their own risk.  HUB Games will not be responsible for repairing or replacing any personal equipment in the event of damage or loss.

Food & Drinks

All food and drinks shall be left on the ledges on the back of the seating or on the counter tops above the bowling ball racks. No food or drink is allowed on the lanes.  Bowlers may remove their masks temporarily while in the act of eating or drinking snacks purchased from HUB Games.

HUB Games Bowling Gallery

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Cosmic Bowling

Cosmic Bowling in HUB Games

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Bowling Balls

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