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Student Activities Fair

RSO Activities Fair

Come join us for our 30th annual Activities Fair for registered student organizations! The fair is open to all current RSO’s as a way to promote your activities, recruit new membership and volunteers, and get a boost in visibility to the UW Community.

The fair is one of the main features of Dawg Daze, the campus-wide, week-long series of events welcoming new and returning students back to UW.

Be a Part of the RSO Activities Fair

RSOs must agree to and meet the following requirements to participate in the fair:

  • RSO Status: Be currently registered as of the end of Spring quarter, and in good standing with SAO. No exceptions.
  • Who Can RSVP: Any one of the 5 Group Administrators, as listed in the RSO Directory.
  • Table Assignment: RSOs will be assigned table space, with two RSOs per table. No exceptions.
  • Table Groupings: RSOs will be grouped according to their Category type listed in the directory. For example, all Engineering groups will be together, all Sports/Recreation groups will be together, etc.
  • Table Banners: Each RSO will have about 9 square feet of table space, so plan your banners, displays accordingly. No exceptions.
  • Amenities: There is no access to power on Red Square or the Quad. No fundraising is allowed during the fair.
  • Check-In: At the HUB Operations Tent in front of the smokestacks on Red Square.
  • NOTE: The Resource Center will not reserve canopies, tents, or chairs during the RSO Activities Fair.


Tent Maps

RSO Attendee List

Bad Company

HUB Games 8 Ball Tournament

HUB Games 8 Ball Tournament

Shaun King at the HUB

Shaun King at the HUB

POSTPONED: Casey Neistat

POSTPONED: Casey Neistat


Christina Buckman
University of Washington

Justin Camputaro, PhD
University of Washington

Karee Shaw
Washington State University