Community Standards

The Husky Union Building (HUB) is committed to providing an environment in which every UW community member feels they belong, that they are welcome, cared about, and inspired to grow. As a place shared by students, staff, faculty, and invited guests, we must all actively participate in the well-being of our community. Taken together, the following three community standards operate in unison and represent the expected behaviors of all who use the HUB:

Mutual Respect

Every person in the HUB has the right to be in an environment where they are appreciated, valued, and supported. We must be cognizant of our neighbors and surroundings, acting in manners that promote civility and respect. Language matters in the HUB, we should communicate in ways that encourage all individuals to be their best selves. As an inclusive and shared community, we embrace freedom of expression, respect for the rights of others, and the promotion of intellectual dialogue and positive communications.

Safety & Security

The HUB will not tolerate behaviors that are:

  • intimidating
  • harassing
  • discriminatory

The HUB will not tolerate behaviors that:

  • interfere with an individual’s legal rights of movement or expression
  • disrupt our staff’s ability to provide services

Instead, we all will care for each other’s individual and collective well-being.

Respect for Facilities

As a shared space, it is imperative that we care for and treat the HUB with respect. All individuals should keep the HUB’s open spaces, lounges, offices, service centers, and meeting/event rooms in the condition, or better than, they were found. All of the HUB’s facilities must be used for their intended and appropriate purposes.

The HUB community begins with each of us

In addition to these community standards, all individuals are subject to the HUB and UW policies and applicable federal, state, and local laws. Persons unable to live up to these community standards, policies, and laws may be asked to leave the HUB.