The purpose of the Husky Union Building (HUB) is first to serve the needs of University of Washington students, faculty, and staff, and secondarily to serve the needs of visitors and guests. The HUB is not a public facility and UW-Seattle reserves the right to request that users produce a valid form of identification in areas that are reserved for students, faculty, and staff.

The use of space and seating, including the use of meeting rooms, game rooms, lounges, dining facilities, restrooms, tables, chairs, sofas, computers, printers, and the like, within the HUB shall be confined to the purpose(s) for which the space and property are designed and equipped.

All individuals who use the HUB and its facilities are expected to know and adhere to established Building policies, UW policies, Student Conduct Code, as well as federal, state, and local law at all times. The HUB does not tolerate behaviors by any person, which keeps others from using and enjoying its resources. In an effort to ensure a pleasant, productive, and reasonable environment for all, patrons of the HUB shall observe the following rules, including but not limited to:

  1. Proper Use of Facilities – Individuals and groups using any spaces are responsible for the proper use of facility, furnishings, and equipment. Furniture and equipment may not be moved except as authorized by HUB staff. Any willful and careless damage to HUB property will be billed to the person(s) responsible and they may be subject to loss of facility usage privileges.
  2. Interference with Peaceful Conduct – Patrons are prohibited from engaging in intimidating, harassing, discriminatory, threatening, or violent behaviors that interfere with an individual’s legal rights of movement or expression, or behaviors that disrupts our staff’s ability to provide services. Activities that interfere with University processes, or endanger the health and safety of other patrons within the building are prohibited. Doing any of the aforementioned may result in loss of future access to the HUB.
  3. Blocking Pathways – At no time may doors, fire exits, elevators, hallways, or foot traffic be blocked by individuals, an event or event setup. All event setups must observe fire code and comply with the American Disabilities Act. Use of service hallways by event organizers and attendees is prohibited due to fire code.
  4. Classrooms – The HUB is not available for regular academic classroom activities except by permission of the HUB Director.
  5. Remaining in the HUB – Individuals other than students, faculty and staff with prior permission, are prohibited from being in the HUB prior to its opening or remaining in the HUB after closing. When requested to leave, including for emergencies and drills, individuals will do so immediately.
  6. Alcohol, Drugs and Intoxication – The possession and/or consumption of alcohol is only permitted in the HUB at designated event occasions where an alcohol permit has been obtained from the UW and all UW policies and Washington state alcohol regulations and laws must be followed. In the case where alcohol is approved for an event, alcoholic beverages are not to be removed from the designated event area. No person shall use, possess, or distribute drugs and other non-alcohol controlled substances of any type in the HUB, including marijuana and marijuana extracts. Intoxicated or drug-impaired individuals are prohibited from entering or staying in the HUB.
  7. Amplified Sound & Excessive Noise – The HUB reserves the right to require amplified sound to be turned down or off entirely if it is determined by the HUB staff that the sound level is creating a disruption to services, students, or other events. Individuals and/or groups may be asked by HUB staff to lower their voices if the noise level presents a significant disruption to services, students, or events.
  8. Animals – Animals are not permitted in the HUB at any time except for service animals. All Service Animal Owners’ Responsibilities must be adhered to per UW policy.
  9. Bicycles & Other Wheeled Recreational Devices – Parking, riding, or walking of bicycles; use of skates, skateboards or scooters and other devices not approved under the Americans with Disabilities Act are not permitted inside the HUB without prior approval from the HUB Director.
  10. Camping & Sleeping – Camping and excessive sleeping in the HUB are prohibited. For purposes of this policy, “camping” includes sleeping for an extended period of time (not including incidental napping of 60-minutes or less), sleeping on the floor, or sprawling out with one’s belongings; excessive use of seating or space that interferes with priority usage for students, faculty, or staff; use of bedrolls, blankets and other such covering; storing personal belongings; carrying on cooking activities; and other similar behavior that amounts to using the seating or space as a temporary shelter or living quarters. Whether a given use constitutes “camping” will be determined based on the facts and circumstances of specific situations.
  11. Candles, incense, other devices with open flames are not permitted indoors or on covered balconies without prior approval from Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) and the HUB Director.
  12. Electrical Equipment – Electrical equipment connection to facility electrical outlets must comply with state fire code regulations and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety regulations. Use of power strips and extension cords are not permitted in a “daisy-chain” manner.
  13. Personal and Unattended Property – The HUB is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal property belonging to users of the facility. Patrons are prohibited from leaving unattended any bags, backpacks or other personal items in the HUB (including for reserving seating). Unattended bags, packages and personal items present security risks. Such unattended items are subject to confiscation. Confiscated items are subject to HUB Lost and Found guidelines.
  14. Photography & Filming – Candid, snapshot photography and filming for personal use is allowed as long as it does not disrupt other HUB patrons or interfere with the course of normal building operations. Organized, posed group, or individual photography or videography involving professional equipment is permitted with prior approval from the HUB Director. Event organizers wishing to photograph or film inside their reserved space and for their own personal use is permitted without approval. Photography is not allowed in restrooms. In order to use images, video, or voice recordings for marketing or promotional purposes, you must obtain a UW personal release from the subject.
  15. Piano – The HUB piano is provided for use by the UW community and enjoyment of all. Players must follow the Piano Guidelines for Use found on the piano or available at the HUB Info Desk. The HUB staff may close and lock the piano at any time if it interferes with other events in the building.
  16. Postings – The HUB provides bulletin boards for general use postings on these must follow the Posting Policy for HUB Bulletin Boards. Within reserved meeting/event spaces, clients are permitted to temporarily use low residue tape to cover windows or affix items to walls. Nails, screws, tacks and staples, and tape (except as previously stated or pre-approved) are not permitted on any building surfaces. HUB offices must follow the Office Space Policy.
  17. Restroom Use – Restroom use shall not create a safety or health hazard for other users. No person shall use the HUB restrooms for the purposes of bathing, showering, cutting hair, or for more than casual grooming. Restrooms are not to be used for washing personal belongings.
  18. Smoking and Vaping – Smoking and vaping is prohibited in all UW facilities including the HUB, with the exception of 28 designated outdoor smoking areas. Visit the UW Environmental and Health Safety website for information on designated areas.
  19. Solicitation/Panhandling – Solicitation of a commercial nature; distribution of handbills, pamphlets, and similar materials; and selling of goods or services in the HUB are prohibited unless these activities have been previously approved and scheduled by the HUB Event and Information Services Office or approved by the HUB Director. No person shall engage in any form of panhandling in the HUB.
  20. Weapons – It is prohibited for anyone to have weapons on UW property, except for law enforcement officers.


The general goal of HUB staff is to maintain a useful and positive environment for the growth of all users. Enforcement of these rules is as follows:

  1. Any individual in the HUB who reasonably appears to violate any of the listed policies may be approached and questioned by HUB staff or UW safety personnel.
  2. Individual(s) will be asked to produce a UW ID.
  3. Non-UW guests will be asked to share what business brings them to the HUB.
    1. Acceptable (legitimate) business purposes include:
      1. Being a guest of and accompanied by a UW student, faculty, or staff (who accepts responsibility for them).
      2. Attending an appointment with an office or service in the HUB.
      3. Actively using any of the point of sale services (e.g., bank, bookstore, salon, Husky Den, HUB Games, Bike Shop, etc.).
      4. Making deliveries or providing services at the HUB.
      5. Touring the HUB (and campus) as a prospective student/family.
      6. Attending an event in the HUB that is open to the non-UW public.
    2. The individual’s presence must be reasonably related to the time and location of their business purpose.  For example:
      1. An individual who is not a UW student, faculty, or staff member and remains for an extended period of time after their meal in the Husky Den may be asked to leave.
      2. Such an individual in a lounge area at one end of the building who is waiting for an event occurring at the other end may be asked to move to a waiting area nearer the event.
  4. If an individual(s) is unable to establish that they are a UW student, faculty, or staff member, and they fail to provide an acceptable business purpose, they will be asked to leave.
  5. If they provide a legitimate business purpose, then any policy violation will be addressed according to the next procedure steps.
  6. Any UW community member who violates these HUB policies will be disciplined in accordance with applicable University policies and procedures.  UW community members who violate these rules may also be subject to criminal sanctions and penalties.  Persons who are not members of the UW community and who violate these policies will be subject to criminal sanctions and penalties and may include removal from the HUB and possibly UW campus.
  7. Failure by HUB clients to adhere to any of the policies may result in additional fees to the individual, department or group and could include the loss of access to the HUB.  Separate restrictions and violations will be stipulated in specific contracts for vendor spaces and permanent building tenants where this item does not apply.
  8. In the case where an individual needs to be removed from the HUB due to severe violation of any HUB or UW policies, the act of removing a visitor must be done by a HUB staff member or UWPD and in accordance with UWPD trespass warning protocols.

Updated: October 8, 2021