June 16, 2016

Words from Lincoln Johnson

Lincoln Johnson

Lincoln Johnson

With the end of another academic year and commencement behind us, this moment is forever bittersweet. The HUB staff will truly miss the students who are moving on to life beyond the HUB and campus. We strive diligently to develop strong and positive relationships with our ASUW and GPSS leaders and, in doing so, build an amazing cadre of friends and mentees. Having the opportunity to witness and perhaps be a part of their transition away from UW is inspiring and humbling. The amount of pride, respect and joy I have for our leaders is immense, and I wish the very best for those embarking on new beginnings.

We hope you enjoy the spring edition of our newsletter. It certainly would not be possible were it not for the fabulous Stacey Hurwitz, the HUB Alumni Intern, and the incomparable Leigh Tucker, Student Life Marketing & Communications Manager.

Here’s wishing you a relaxing and glorious summer.

Lincoln Johnson