The Director’s Welcome – Spring 2019

Justin Camputaro

Justin Camputaro

Springtime marks some of the busiest and most exciting times of our entire year for the HUB. The sun finally makes its appearance and so do election campaign signs. Yes it’s a cliché, but I’m always amazed at how time flies for our students. I feel like our current ASUW and GPSS students were just starting their terms, but here we are with newly elected leaders preparing to make their mark. This is the bittersweet part of the year when the students get to reflect on their successes (and mishaps) of the year, while also preparing to support the incoming group of leaders to carry the torch; many of you remember the feelings on both ends.

I’m also excited to share that the Student Activities Office (SAO) recently hit a new milestone this spring, surpassing 1,000 RSOs for the first time in history (yes, you read that correctly). Rene and the SAO team have their work cut out for them to engage with this many student leaders. Thankfully we have the most incredible group of rock stars you’ll find on any college campus…if you get a moment, reach out to your former advisors and send them well wishes and appreciations for all they gave to you. Enjoy reading the latest happenings in the HUB in this edition of the HUB Alumni Newsletter.

Justin Camputaro, PhD
HUB Director