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Rainy Dawg Radio
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In 2001, Rainy Dawg Radio was created to not only entertain the students, faculty, and staff of UW, but to generate a scholastic outlet for UW students who are interested in the music and broadcast industry. This means of communication allows students to practice reaching and relating to a campus-wide audience, while enjoying a moment away from their tough academic lives. Last quarter, Rainy Dawg expanded their programming quality by hiring more individuals as DJs. With a total of 105 DJs, the sound has been more diverse and relevant to everyone in the UW community. In addition, Rainy Dawg held their Local Music Show at the Ethnic Cultural Theater this past November. The free event featured bands from the Seattle area and the student leadership is planning to host more shows as the year continues.

One of Rainy Dawg’s goals is to discover more ways for the station to better collaborate with the community, both inside and outside of UW. At the beginning of January, Rainy Dawg invited volunteers who share a similar passion for music to connect with members of the staff. The leadership feels that it will strengthen their community by growing and developing its membership. Dominika Morawski, Director of Rainy Dawg, shared, “I hope that Rainy Dawg will be large enough to bring more influential artists that can relate to and inspire a much larger group within the UW community.” Not only does this station connect with members of the UW community, but also maintains a relationship with local promoters, musicians, and concert venues Seattle that bring joy to all music lovers.