Rock the Vote!

Rock the Vote

In preparation for the 2018 midterm elections, UW student leaders rallied together in an effort to drive voter registration and turnout.  

According to Nick Peda, Organizing Coordinator for ASUW’s Office of Government Relations (OGR), roughly 500 individuals filled out registration forms as a direct result of organized outreach efforts urging students to vote. In addition to forging a strong partnership with the Residential Community Student Association, the OGR tabled and distributed flyers for multiple days on campus, ran a successful social media campaign, and facilitated a “Rock the Vote” event in collaboration with GPSS on the HUB Lawn.

Compared to previous years, ASUW devoted more of their efforts towards actively encouraging students to vote rather than merely registering. Peda acknowledges that students often forget to vote due to hectic schedules/busy lifestyles or simply choose not to vote because of lack of trust in the system.

With these voting barriers in mind, Peda shared, “The biggest thing we can do to get students to vote is to really bring to mind the issues that they care about and convince them that they can actually effect change. Individual votes are very, very important.” As a whole, students interested in politics are presented with numerous opportunities to get involved and propel change within the UW community, such as through one of the many registered student organizations, work-study options, or ASUW programs.

As stated by Peda, “Whatever side of the political divide that you are on, you should be doing something that can help your community.”