Letter from Lincoln

Stacey Hurwitz and Lincoln Johnson

Stacey Hurwitz and Lincoln Johnson

Congratulations to the ASUW and GPSS students who graduated this year. If you know me in any sort of way, you won’t be surprised that I get a little wistful when the school year reaches its conclusion. Those of us who work with, advise, and mentor students from GPSS and ASUW put so much of our hearts and minds into building these interactions and relationships that we experience a sense of loss when our students graduate or choose to get involved with other opportunities on campus beyond ASUW and GPSS. Don’t get me wrong — I am beyond thrilled to witness this grand moment (for them and their families), but I am really going to miss so many of them. All I can hope for if that they remain in touch with us over the coming months and years. We truly invested in their success beyond UW.

Enjoy this edition of the HUB Alumni newsletter. My deepest appreciation and gratitude goes to Stacey Hurwitz (pictured) who just graduated from UW and is moving to the east coast to start her professional career. For two years, Stacey served as the HUB Alumni Intern and was instrumental in our alumni efforts. She wrote two years of newsletters, helped plan alumni events, and enhanced our alumni efforts during her tenure. Thank you, Stacey. You will be missed.

Have a wonderful summer, y’all.