Letter from Lincoln

Lincoln Johnson

Lincoln Johnson

A very belated happy new year, y’all, and welcome to the latest edition of the HUB Alumni newsletter. We have reached the time of the quarter where you can see the anxiety and looks of worry on the faces of students. Whether related to finals, research papers, the challenges of everyday life, a break-up, or the grey skies, our hearts certainly go out to our student leaders. We just wish we could fix everything for them, but the world of student development is all about challenge and support so we do our best to be present and provide resources that help our students navigate through the ebb and flow of these experiences. What impresses me is how much grit, ambition, resilience, and diligence our student leaders bring to their school work (most importantly, of course) and their roles with ASUW and GPSS.

As for the student union, the HUB continues to grow at the seams. Once you enter the doors, you will soon hear the verve and flow of conversations, piano playing, friends comparing notes on their latest Netflix favorites, and study groups working together to solve the woes of our world. It’s exactly what was envisioned when ASUW and GPSS advocated for and helped accomplish the renovation. The HUB continues to serve as the community center for campus and we are humbled by this.

The HUB Alumni network continues to grow each year and we so appreciate your participation, support, and interest in this amazing yet critical work with ASUW and GPSS leaders. Let us hear from you. I welcome your emails and updates. It also helps me connect students with the individuals who came before them and blazed the trail of student advocacy and service to the campus community.

Lastly, this newsletter was organized and written by this year’s HUB Alumni Intern, Marissa Greitzer, a senior studying Education and Sociology. We hope you enjoy it.

L. Lincoln Johnson