HUB Student Spotlight: Kelsey Hood, GPSS 2018-19 Vice President of External Affairs

Kelsey Hood

What are your goals as VP of External Affairs?
My primary objective as Vice President of External Affairs is to make graduate and professional students a bigger part of the higher education conversations taking place on and off campus. I am extremely passionate about highlighting the importance of graduate education because we provide education to our undergraduate students, ground-breaking research to our university, and a boost to our local and state economies. Graduate and professional students are a vital part of all Washington State college’s and we deserve to have our voices heard by our administration and our state legislators.

In what ways has the HUB contributed to your Husky Experience?
I was lucky enough to experience the new HUB right after it was completed when I was a senior in undergrad. Having the privilege to work here as a graduate student with GPSS has been such a dream because I am always surrounded by the most spirited Huskies who inspire me to do great work.

If you had to eat a single food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Definitely pizza, no question about it. Anyone who knows me would say that I’m a pizza fanatic, especially when it’s pepperoni with jalapeños.

What is your dream job?
I feel like my dream job changes daily as I’m exposed to so many new opportunities and experiences. Today it would have to be working with UW State Relations and advocating on a larger platform for my university.

Do you have any Husky Game Day traditions? If so, what?
Whether I’m watching the game at the stadium or on my couch I always wear my favorite Husky crewneck! My rescue dog Penny is also a pretty big fan so of course she wears a matching Husky jersey.