HUB Leadership Fund supports four students’ conference travels

Thanks to the generous contributions to the HUB Fund for Excellence in Student Leadership, four students were selected to receive the inaugural HUB Leadership Fund Scholarships to attend a national leadership conference. Riya Nath, Stacey Hurwitz, Andrew Arakaki and Joshua Dawson had the great fortune to respectively attend the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (May 2015) and the National Student Government Summit (October 2015), both in Washington, DC.

These conferences provide students from all over the United States an opportunity to learn career exploration, attend educational sessions, listen to motivational speakers from student and industry leaders, expand their networks and enhance their leadership development. According to Joshua Dawson, the scholarship recipients were given the chance to meet hundreds of students from across the nation and had the pleasure of developing themselves as both leaders and students equipped with more knowledge and skills to contribute to our home here at the UW. This travel opportunity would not have been possible without the generosity of former student leaders who contributed to the HUB Leadership Fund. Thank you!

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Andrew, Joshua, Riya, Stacey