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November 17, 2016

HUA Voice UW

Debuting in 2014, HUA Voice was created by UW Chinese students to provide primarily Mandarin programming and entertainment for the UW campus and all the way to China.

Currently, there are 2,300 daily listeners in China and the audience continues to increase. This effort is done with involvement of 30 UW students who work with HUA Voice, and it is estimated that about half of the Chinese students on campus subscribe to the broadcast.

Their most popular program is called, “Ask a Senior” where experienced members of the UW community respond to questions posted by UW students via social media. HUA Radio also produces news stories, movie and music reviews, restaurant recommendations, and other stories of interest.

Listener YueJia Huo describes HUA Voice as something she “looks forward to every night, especially the ‘Ask a Senior’ show. It’s so helpful, and sometimes funny, too.”

The organizers hope to replicate HUA Voice’s success in other languages as soon as possible. If you are interested in learning more, go to or download the Tune-in Radio App and search for HUA Voice.

Hua Voice


Bad Company

HUB Games 8 Ball Tournament

HUB Games 8 Ball Tournament

Shaun King at the HUB

Shaun King at the HUB

POSTPONED: Casey Neistat

POSTPONED: Casey Neistat


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