We are no longer accepting new funding applications for 2023-24 as of May 17, 2024.

Due to severe staffing shortages in our office, Student Activities can only accommodate funding request approvals for on-campus expenditures, such as facility rentals or campus services. This is in effect through Winter and Spring Quarter 2024.

The HUB, in an effort to assist Registered Student Organizations, has a source of funding to help make such activities and events possible.

HUB Event Funds for RSOs

  2. The maximum funding available per academic year is $500 per RSO. The SAO funding limit is $500 per event, so multiple RSOs will not receive separate funding for the same event.

Funding Requirements

To be considered for funding, a Registered Student Organization (RSO) must:

  • Submit a funding request at least three weeks prior to the event.
  • Agree to work with a Student Activities Office (SAO) adviser.
  • Have sufficient time to plan a program.
  • Be in accordance with all applicable HUB, University and state policy and procedures.
  • Support the University’s goal of increasing the sense of community.
  • Must be advertised and open to all members of the University of Washington-Seattle community.

How to Apply for Funding

  1. REVIEW: all funding details and policies below prior to applying.
  2. DOWNLOAD: the Event Planning Worksheet and all funding applications you would like to apply for below.
  3. COMPLETE: the Event Planning Worksheet and all funding application(s). Note: if you are applying for multiple funding sources for one event, only one Event Planning Worksheet is required.
  4. SAMPLE Event Budget Planning Worksheet
  5. SUBMIT: completed form(s) to saofunds@uw.edu. Note: all forms must be typed and submitted via email by one of the five Group Administrators. Please let us know if you need assistance completing the forms.
  6. SCHEDULE: a meeting with your SAO Adviser to discuss details of your Event. Your application will be reviewed once you have met with your SAO Adviser.
  7. NOTIFICATION: The RSO will be notified via email when a decision has been made. Note: notifications may take ten (10) business days or longer following committee reviews. Please factor this timing into event planning when requesting funds.
  8. Event Budget Planning Worksheet
  9. SAO HUB RSO Event Fund Application

Updated: May 17, 2024
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