Persons not associated with the University may be involved in student organizations at the University of Washington as long as they are associate members (without vote and ability to hold office), and University of Washington students are in the majority and retain control of the organization. Individuals in the community who are associate members can be an asset to the student organization in areas such as fundraising, networking with other groups, and program planning.

Many student organizations are affiliated with off-campus local, regional, national or international organizations. If the student organization is a “chapter” of an affiliate organization, the Student Activities Office will need a copy of the affiliate’s constitution on file to assure that the operation of the affiliate organization and its chapters are not in conflict with University of Washington policy.

In accordance with Use of University Facilities policy (WAC 478.136.101), University facilities may not be used for private or commercial purposes such as sales, advertising, or promotional activities unless they serve an educational purpose. Therefore, student groups may not register with the Student Activities Office if they intend to sell, distribute, market or advertise goods or services on behalf of any off-campus commercial entity or affiliate. Student organizations that are set up as “chapters” on campus can benefit from their affiliates, but they should remain under student control.

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