UUF Approval for RSOs/ASUW/GPSS Events

The Use of University Facilities Committee (UUFC) must review and approve all RSO/ASUW/GPSS events held in a UW facility, and:

  • are open to the general public or invited off-campus guests.
  • are held outdoors and require amplification or have potential to conflict with routine activities on campus (such as organized group runs or bike races).
  • are partisan political activities in nature – regarding ballot proposition and/or candidates who have filed for public office.
  • for private or commercial purposes such as sales, advertising or promotional activities.
  • at the venue’s discretion.

SAO Sponsorship Guidelines

Under certain circumstances, RSOs/ASUW/GPSS may receive UUF sponsorship from SAO for activities and events that are advertised and open to the general public and meet other UUF criteria. Sponsorships will be considered by SAO in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • RSOs and student governments must solely be responsible for the proposed activities.
  • There must be a demonstrated student interest in and support for each proposed activities. Support by students may be measured by the commitment of their financial resources, their participation in its planning and production, the degree to which on-campus advertising is emphasized, and the sale of tickets to students in advance of any sale to others.
  • Additional consideration may be given to the past record of a group who has conducted similar events, including the number of ticket sales to students.
  • Public attendance at events and the revenues derived there from are to be incidental to their conduct and funding, and must not be regarded as offsetting or obscuring the absence of support by University students.
  • Proposed activities must be planned with the assistance of an adviser in the Student Activities Office and comply with all relevant state and University policies and procedures including, but not limited to, those of health, safety, risk management, security and financial considerations. The collection and disbursement of revenues must adhere to state and University control procedures.
  • Consistent with established rental and other fee schedules, the University must be reimbursed fully for the cost of its participation in each event.

UUF Request Process for RSOs/ASUW/GPSS

  1. Student: Meet with assigned SAO Adviser to review event, UUF requirements, and SAO sponsorship
  2. Student: Secure facility reservation/confirmation before submitting a UUF request
  3. Student: Complete and submit the online Request for UUF Approval form – at least 3 weeks prior to the event.
  4. Select SAO as the UUF Sponsor: Select these options when completing the UUF Request Form:
    QUESTION: UW Affiliation & Sponsorship – SELECT: RSO / ASUW / GPSS
    QUESTION: Would you like SAO to be the sponsor… – SELECT: Yes
    QUESTION: Select your assigned SAO Adviser – CHOOSE: [Pick your SAO adviser]

UUF Approval Process for RSOs/ASUW/GPSS

  1. Student Applicant: Submits online UUF request
  2. Sponsor: Reviews request. May approve or deny the request.
  3. Venue Operator: Reviews request. May approve or deny the request.
  4. UUF Committee/Chair: Reviews request. May approve or deny the request.
  5. Student Applicant: Receives step-by-step notifications as the request is reviewed and processed with approval, denial or modification status

Policy References

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