Did you know about the HUB Resource Center?

HUB Resource Center


Housed in the HUB, the Student Organization Resource Center, also known as SORC (pronounced “source”), provides free services to Registered Student Organizations (RSOs). SORC was initiated by students in the late 1990s and is supported by the Student Technology Fee and the Services and Activities Fee Committees.

Last year, over 500 RSOs utilized its services; this entailed the use of over 2,000 feet of construction paper, 3,000 buttons created, over 2,000 balloons inflated, and the coordination of over 700 reservations for equipment usage.

While it initially started in the sub basement of the HUB, SORC is firmly situated in the main flow of traffic on the 1st floor of the HUB. It’s quite the success story and it wouldn’t be without the initiative of former RSO student leaders.

Next time you’re in the HUB, please stop by and check out this amazing resource for student organizations.