ASUW Arts & Entertainment Geek Week

Geek Week

Geek Week 2015

ASUW Arts & Entertainment, HUB Culture & Pop Programs and a coalition of geek-themed special-interest registered student organizations worked together to produce the second annual UW Geek Week in the HUB, featuring a week’s worth of events and activities focused on technology-related and intellectual entertainment. Highlights of the “geekend” in late February included events such as the second annual Trivia Night with Ken Jennings, the longest running Jeopardy winner with 74 straight victories.

An Evening of Science and Comedy with Megan Amram, the author of the comedy book Science… For Her, Twitter personality, and Parks and Recreation writer, featured the UW’s own The Collective improv group. Other activities included Harry Potter and Game of Thrones games and trivia, panels featuring VIPs from the world of Esports and League of Legends, Smash Bros tournaments, role-playing games, board games, robotics, LAN parties and a final concert featuring 8 bit DJ Fighter X, Portland duo The Doubleclicks and geek troubadour Jonathan Coulton.

Geek Week was a resounding success that tapped in on unique campus communities and brought a diverse group of students to the HUB to enjoy a series of creative programming and to connect with students of similar interests.

In addition to Geek Week and others events, ASUW Arts & Entertainment works to connect students with new artists with fresh takes on music. For example, on January 1, more than 150 students attended up-and-coming Los Angeles singer/songwriter Moses Sumney’s performance at the Ethnic Cultural Theatre. Sumney’s soul-infused folk music using guitar and loop pedals was a hit with students.

Moses Sumney

Moses Sumney