ASUW and GPSS Elections + Inauguration

This past spring, a new team of inspiring and enthusiastic students were slated as candidates in the 2018-2019 ASUW and GPSS elections.

ASUW Elections

Campaigning for the ASUW election commenced two weeks prior to the voting period and successfully garnered support from a large number of UW community members. As always, there were many promising candidates.

This year, the ASUW Board of Directors elected officers include Ritika Jain (President), Espen Scheuer (Vice President), Andrew Tejero (Campus Partnerships), Gabby Rivera (Community Relations), Favour Orji (Diversity Efforts), Casey Duff (Internal Policy), Jack Hood (Programming), and Angelia Miranda (University Affairs).

The new officers have vowed to build community following the principles of inclusion, transparency, and cohesion. Moreover, these individuals are dedicated to bringing ASUW back to its roots of student activism and involvement.

GPSS Elections

Exactly one week prior to ASUW elections, GPSS held its own electoral race. After a well-fought battle between deserving candidates, the following individuals triumphed: Giuliana Conti (President), Sydney Pearce (Vice President Internal), Kelsey Hood (Vice President External), Amy Gabriel (Secretary), and Robby Perkins-High (Treasurer).

Collectively, the GPSS Board of Directors is dedicated to bringing leadership and commitment to the UW graduate community.


In honor of the incoming and outgoing ASUW and GPSS Board of Directors, an inauguration celebration was held at the HUB this Spring.


Joined by ASUW and GPSS alumni leaders, the UW community ceremoniously embraced the newly elected officers into their positions and congratulated graduating seniors as they transitioned into the HUB’s growing alumni network.

Many of the incoming officers used inauguration to forge relationships with their predecessors and gather insight on how to be impactful representatives of the student body using their newfound voice and positionality. Similarly, outgoing officers capitalized on the opportunity to develop ties with alumni from a variety of professional backgrounds.

As past student leaders mingled with UW’s emerging change agents, one thing become evidently clear to those attending the second annual inaugural event: Once a Husky, always a Husky.