ASUW and GPSS election results

‘Tis the season of student government elections. GPSS elections were held on May 4, and the new officers for 2016-17 are already gearing up for another strong year of leadership and service to the graduate and professional student community. Soh Yeun (Elloise) Kim was elected President. The GPSS Vice Presidents are Sarah Loeffler (Internal Affairs) and James Moschella (External Affairs). Rounding out the GPSS leadership team are Michaella Rogers, Treasurer, and Randy Siebert, Secretary.

Nearly 4,300 students voted in the ASUW election this year, which is approximately 15% of the undergraduate population. With five different tickets running this year, the outcome of the ASUW elections (May 9-11) were quite difficult to predict. The ticket, Husky Progress, won five positions on the Board of Directors, and YourVoiceUW won three. Daniele Meñez and Michael Aldridge, both from Husky Progress, won the Presidency and Vice Presidency, along with Tae McKenzie as Director of Diversity Efforts, Osman Salahuddin as Director of Community Relations, and Kaitlyn Zhou as Director of University Affairs. The elected YourVoice officers are Hakikat Bains as the Director of Campus Partnerships, Meili Powell as Director of Programming and Taylor Beardall as the Director of Internal Policy. “While we ran on different slates, in the end we are forming a new team working together as the new ASUW Board of Directors,” says Hakikat Bains.

ASUW Elections

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