Art commissions display in the HUB

HUB Art Commissions

Canoe Journey by Marvin Oliver
Frog and Moon Panel by Shaun Peterson

Recently, the HUB installed five commissioned art pieces that were created by internationally renowned Coast Salish artists, Shaun Peterson and Marvin Oliver, ’73, MFA.

The commissions include, Frog and Moon Panel, Three Salmon, Storm Wind, and North Wind with Ravens, which are the vision of Shaun Peterson, a member of the Puyallup nation, as well as Canoe Journey, carved by Marvin Oliver.

In Peterson’s works, the cedar carvings and cast-glass reference and honor the history of the Duwamish people, and highlight personal reflections of “elders who have been involved with the University in years past, including the late Vi Hilbert, whose work in language preservation was invaluable,” said Peterson in his project proposal.

Oliver’s work symbolizes the bonds of the extended UW family as we “journey together” as students, staff and alumni. Oliver focused on his Quinault heritage by carving a Salish-style canoe embellished with the mythical icons of the Salish peoples, which also symbolize the intellectual, spiritual and physical journey of students at the UW. Raven, at the head of the canoe, “… like us, changes to adapt to the environment. This is similar to students’ paths at the University: growing, learning, adapting and moving forward in their journeys,” said Oliver in his project proposal.

These pieces have increased a sense of serenity when walking through the HUB. Next time you are here, we encourage you to stop and admire these new additions.